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Vehicle rental software

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    Myrentcar web solution, the vehicle rental software that boosts your car rental management

    Specific features of myrentcar vehicle rental software

    For more than 30 years, myrentcar vehicle rental software by hitechsoftware is the benchmark in helping rental sector professionals navigate the digital revolution.

    Taking advantage of our vast experience we are completely aware of the challenges in the rental sector. The solution evolved until it became a 100% web solution which meets actual renter’s needs.

    Myrentcar car rental software manages every part of the rental activity, enabling a true optimization of your business. This is a powerful and reliable tool well suited to the exigencies of vehicle rental companies.
    Moreover, myrentcar web solution was built in a very ergonomic way with the purpose of enabling you to fully use the software as quick as possible.



    User Profile Interface Configuration


    Multi-media, computer, tablet and smartphone


    Optimizing the deployment time


    Communicating solution with your existing tools


    Web solution available from a browser

    Specific features of myrentcar vehicle rental software

    Car sharing application

    Car sharing application


    Check-in check-out report on tablet

    Check-in check-out report on tablet


    Anywhere, anytime, any device with a car rental app

    • Myrentcar is an efficient car rental app accessible from your smartphone, your tablet or your computer.
    • No software installation required, myrentcar vehicle rental software is available via your web browser allowing its users to connect anywhere, anytime on any device as long as they have an internet connection.
    • The electronic signature allows your customers to instantly validate your contracts and improves your exchanges with our car rental system.
    • Rent your connected vehicles 24/7 with our new clickygo carsharing application compatible with myrentcar. Keep control of your fleet on the software!

    The most customizable car rental software on the market

    • Myrentcar car rental software allows for a very high level of customization. Every screens of the solution is fully configurable and customizable.
    • The solution allows you to set-up an ergonomic interface adapted to the user profile. The customization will allows your team to be more efficient in their daily-tasks. CEO, fleet manager or rental agent, they will all be able to access a unique interface that meets their needs and their respective tasks.

    A long-lasting customized partnership

    • Once you decide to adopt myrentcar vehicle rental software, one of our Project Manager will take care of your project. All of our Project Manager have many years of experience dealing with vehicle rental businesses. They are currently following more than 500 companies across the world.
    • Each new myrentcar’s user has a privileged access to a Project Manager (phone and email). The Project Manager is in charge of the software installation, settings and customization according to your needs. He’s also the one who will deliver training and user support (customer-site training, remote training or hitech-office training)
    • This proximity approach with harmony users is an essential part of the close connection we maintain with our partner. Our teams are able to offer the right service and support regarding the organizational structure of our customer. That is why hitechsoftware offers a responsive and personalized service to its partners.

    Improve your everyday experience thanks to your car rental system

    We make it possible to support any kind of structure by offering and ergonomic, configurable and reliable car rental system available from any device. Myrentcar web solution can significantly improve a business activity and profitability, no matter the size.

    Our solution takes into account the needs of each one of its users and the specificities of your environment and to ensure a successful and optimized implementation in your organization and your existing system without penalising your activity.

    Myrentcar vehicle rental software is a complete web solution but not complex tool allowing its users to quickly fell at ease while using it on a daily basis. The efficient use of myrentcar car rental software will lead to gains in time, mobility and productivity.

    A tailor-made car rental solution

    A tailor-made car rental solution

    Some vehicle rental companies have specific requirements that have to be addressed with a custom car rental solution besides myrentcar. It allows our customer to fully integrate their new vehicle rental solution to an existing system with wich myrentcar needs to communicate.

    That is why hitechsoftware’s teams are at your disposal providing their vehicle rental expertise in order to create the software that best fits your needs and your business.