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Long term quotation solution

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Long term quotation solution for your rental business

Specificities of the long term quotation solution

The use of a long-term quotation solution gives the possibility to quickly communicate and send the client a monthly budget, including the purchase value of the vehicle, the contract duration, the included mileage, the related services (insurance, maintenance, tires, replacement, etc.), and the residual value at the end of the rental contract.

Based on our client experience, the success of a long term rental business is related to the calculation methods. The variables are constantly adapted to stick with the users expectations and to face the competition, that’s why we created quotelio with a wide range of customizations for each implementation. Long-term quotation solution promises to be fully adaptable thanks to an import feature allowing the recovery of the existing calculation formulas. It also eases the maintainability of these settings with a configuration tool.

Our long-term quotation software is compatible with myrentcar car rental software and harmony equipment rental solution.


Increase your margins by a fine calculation of the rent


Simple and rapid transformation of your accepted quotes into long term contracts


Optimization of the conversion rate of your quotes


Performance analysis

Specificities of the long term quotation solution

Other additional software

Other additional software

Rentpad, Damages report has never been so easy

Rentpad is an application that allows you to realize both departure and return on a tablet.

Synchronised with myrentcar and harmony software, rentpad provides a better optimization of your rental business.