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Web services and car rental management, how it works?

Web services and car rental management, how it works?

Web services in the car rental management have become essential in order to develop one’s activity. How does it work?


Connecting and synchronizing car reservations these days, from a website through one’s management tool is important. Many car rental companies, and fleet managers have maximized their growth and profit and have seen their occupancy rate skyrocket, due to APIs and web services.  Web services in car rental offer complete compatibility with management software such as myrentcar car rental solution. We shall give details through this article about web services are in car rental and why they are essential in the rental sector.

What are web services in car rental?

Web services in car rental are defined as a computer interface web, which allows the application and data exchange in a computer system. To put it otherwise, these are features on the internet or intranet that share information synchronously or asynchronously, without any human intervention.


In concrete terms, web services in car rental management are synonymous with full compatibility and centralization of rental agency information. For example, a car reservation on a website or via an online brokerage platform is directly taken into account within the company’s management, accounting, and invoicing tools, through the web services.

What are the advantages of web services in car rental?

The web services in car rental automate several processes. The digitization of the car rental sector now holds an important place in the development of a rental agency. Several car, bicycle, or boat rental companies in LCD as in LLD, mostly rent on their own website or make their vehicle fleet available on various online rental platforms or price comparators.


Given the new rental trends and consumption patterns in this area, these new web platforms greatly increase the visibility of car rental companies or fleet managers. They also meet the requirements of customers who wish to compare prices or easily reserve a car in just a few clicks, without going through the counter or a phone call.


Depending on your management and the positioning of your company, it may be rather wise to make your vehicle fleet available online. It is also necessary that these reservations, requests for information and leads are taken into account within your IT system. Thus, the interest of web services in car rental which share this information with your management tools. A car reservation or the creation of a customer profile is directly integrated within your software, ERP and internal CRM. Web services in car rental are ideal for saving time and efficiency in your organization while making it easy to share information between employees and customers.

What software is compatible with web services in car rental?

There is a software compatible with web services in car rental and which synchronizes all your data: the myrentcar solution. The myrentcar car rental software can be accessed on a computer, tablet, and smartphone via the cloud. It optimizes and manages all rental cycles, ranging from the simple creation of a contract right until the management of leasing, invoicing or even accounting. Due to comprehensive analytical tools which are dedicated to car rental, the myrentcar management solution quickly calculates the profitability of your activity, on a car per car basis, and helps you yield profit through your business.


The web services are compatible with the myrentcar car rental software and takes all of your information into account while making it secure. For example, a reservation made on your website is automatically displayed on an ergonomic schedule, which is shared by all your users. The associated car file contains the corresponding elements and is updated in your operating base. This allows you to easily manage an automobile fleet by automating many steps, through the web services in car rental. The web services MVO also allow second-hand vehicles to be sold directly on the website.


Moreover, in order to optimize your customer management for long-term rentals or retain your customers for short-term rentals, it is possible to set up a secure customer area on your website. This customer profile allows the latter to easily access all of their information (maintenance, invoices, contracts, etc.) and is directly synchronized with the myrentcar car rental software and its CRM using web services in car rental.

How to set up web services in car rental management?

Due to great development expertise, hitechsoftware ensures the implementation of web services in car rental management. The integration, synchronization and configuration of your web information is directly managed by our technical teams. Our support guarantees you a synchronization and a total compatibility of your online data, with the reference car rental solution myrentcar due to web services.


Thousands of car rental companies use the myrentcar software package on a daily basis to optimize and yield profit through their business. Computerizing and digitizing one’s rental activity with web services in car rental is more than ever, a major challenge to be able to adapt to new trends and be one step ahead potential crises such as the Covid-19 pandemic. The web services in car rental makes it possible to facilitate access to your vehicle fleet without neglecting its management and monitoring. This is an asset for myrentcar car rental software. Check out all the details and possibilities of our online reservation system here.

Web services in car rental offer complete compatibility with myrentcar solution