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What is the benefit of opting for truck rental software?

What is the benefit of opting for truck rental software?

Choose a truck rental software allows you to develop, make profitable and optimize the management of your activity. Here is the detail.


The truck rentals or any other industrial vehicles is an extremely complex and competitive market. To be one step ahead of its competitors and to greatly facilitate the daily life of its customers and colleagues, a truck rental software is the ideal solution! Let us analyze together the real interest of implementing this type of tool at the heart of your company’s strategy and management.

What is a Truck Rental ERP?

An ERP for truck rental corresponds to an information system that will allow you to manage, centralize and monitor all your company’s information and operations daily. The aim of a truck rental ERP software is to standardize the company’s information systems with a single tool capable of covering many management criteria such as the management of rented vehicles, commercial management, accounting management, budget management and of course fleet management. As a general rule, a truck rental software is subdivided into modules, each of which responds to one of the management areas listed above.


As a business dashboard and in a highly strategic position, it is nowadays advisable to opt for a SaaS (Software as a Service) truck rental ERP, in other words, an ERP that does not require any installation or infrastructure since the software is stored on the cloud and is accessible from any device connected to the Internet. A truck rental system will therefore allow you to manage your processes more quickly using an ergonomic and intuitive tool for a more efficient and secure management of your rental activities. These are management solutions designed for rental companies, easy to deploy and simple to use, contributing to immediate and visible results.

The 5 essential benefits of a truck rental solution

An efficient truck rental solution must offer several essential benefits to fully optimize rental management. Here are the 5 key advantages of a truck rental software that will allow you to respond to the challenges and needs of your company to develop and make your business profitable.


First of all, a truck rental ERP system evaluates and takes care of all the details of the rental. These different aspects of industrial vehicle rental concern the duration of the contract, the vehicle in question, its rates, unproductive transfers, alerts and customer information. For example, viewing the availability of a truck and creating or extending a contract with a single click on a common schedule has never been easier! Moreover, the truck rental tool will centralize all your quotes, reservations, contracts, credit notes, invoices or even movements!


One of the main assets of a truck rental solution is also its multidevice accessibility. You and your employees can control the activity and share information from a smartphone, a tablet or a computer! Answering reservation requests in real time and anywhere has become a necessity today to meet the new challenges and stakes of industrial vehicle fleet management.


Thanks to an intuitive and user-friendly interface, your teams can in many cases immediately get to grips with a truck rental software. This advantage will save you a lot of time. However, a clear and configurable application is to be preferred to avoid any additional adaptation time.


A truck rental system also has the added advantage of being compatible with all your management tools in your existing information systems. For example, the accounting elements can be fully imported and exported from the solution. The modification of data from a third-party file or a reservation on a website is thus directly integrated, synchronized and taken into account by the truck rental software! A strong argument to facilitate the sharing of information.


However, optimizing rental management does not mean abandoning the management of the activity, quite the contrary! Also, a truck rental solution provides many decision support tools and analysis center to anticipate the evolution of your company. A truck-by-truck profitability balance sheet is a perfect example of key functionalities that will greatly help to control and reduce the costs of a rental activity. This last point has now become essential to present a strategic competitive advantage in the industrial vehicle rental market.

Choosing an efficient, user-friendly and tailored truck rental system

Choosing a truck rental system is good, choosing one that is efficient, user-friendly and tailored to your sector is better! That is why at hitechsoftware, we have created the online truck rental software myrentcar, the reference in the field! Developed by a young and dynamic team, myrentcar vehicle rental solution is a SaaS software that offers all the advantages mentioned above in addition to guaranteeing simple installation and optimal technical support. Indeed, with thirty years of experience, hitechsoftware has surrounded itself with experts in the field who will accompany you in the growth of your business and minimize the deployment time.


The myrentcar truck rental solution offers a considerable gain in time and productivity. The software is regularly updated to increase your comfort and is tailored to your use. Today it has become an indispensable tool in the digital transition of all commercial vehicle rental companies. Myrentcar is also compatible with our rentpad tablet inventory application, our long-term quotation tool or our workshop management system to perfect the management of your business. Many customers have already trusted us to optimize the rental of their trucks, dump trucks, utility vehicles or tractors. What about you? Don’t wait any longer to contact us and obtain more information and a demonstration.

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