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The car rental management application for mobility

The car rental management application for mobility

Car rental management applications are very popular with car rental companies because they offer significant mobility benefits. Mobility not only makes it possible to be faster in the performance of daily tasks, but also to improve accuracy and performance. The use of a mobile application allows you to be as close as possible to the customer during your exchanges, exit the counters that separate you!

Car rental management application, mobility through the web

Car rental management applications are becoming more and more common. However, there are still very few web applications dedicated to car rental that are reliable, stable and complete.

Myrentcar is a responsive and 100% web-based car rental management application that has 30 years of existence and development behind it. It therefore fully meets all the challenges and requirements of the car rental sector. Thousands of users use it every day in the fields of car rental, two-wheelers and heavy goods vehicles.

Myrentcar vehicle rental management application is accessible from anywhere at any time provided you have an internet connection. So you can access it from a PC, a tablet and even a smartphone. All your rental activity now fits in the palm of your hand!

Rentcar offers a level of configuration and customization never before seen in the car rental industry. Each menu can be configured and customized to best suit the habits and authorizations of each user. Its ergonomic and fully customisable interface promises a smooth and fast user experience for every user, whether they are a fleet manager, counter agent or branch manager.

A complete environment of fleet management and vehicle rental applications

The rentcar solution is supported by other fleet management and vehicle rental applications to provide an optimal experience for its users.

  • Rentpad app allows you to carry out the inventory of fixtures of departure and return of your vehicles in a very simple and intuitive way on a tablet. It is directly synchronized with rentcar. The reporting of damage on the sketches of your vehicles (possible photos), equipment, fuel level and kilometers as well as the customer’s signature are done directly on the application and are automatically transferred to rentcar. This saves you time, information is better shared and you convey a rigorous and dynamic image to your customers.
  • Caleo is a CRM dedicated to vehicle rental companies. It can be used from any device (PC, tablet and smartphone) via a simple Internet connection. It is also synchronized with rentcar to give you the opportunity to better monitor relationships with your customers and prospects. Caleo is a very ergonomic and quick to use tool. This tool allows you to plan prospecting, follow-up or promotion actions simply and efficiently. You can also set up alerts concerning your customers’ activity thanks to the information exchanges with rentcar. Thus an alert can be triggered if a customer’s turnover drops significantly, allowing you to identify the phenomenon and take the necessary measures.

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