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5 surprising car rental trends

5 surprising car rental trends

Five surprising car rental trends: luxury, ecology and astonishing experiences, discover the innovations in the sector!


Innovation continues to reshape the vehicle rental market. As mobility evolves, unexpected and exciting trends emerge to reflect changing consumer desires and technological advancements. From the rise of luxury and experiential cars to unique rental experiences thanks to clickygo carsharing app and its vehicle rental software, these trends offer a fascinating glimpse into the future of rental. In this article, we explore five of these strange trends in vehicle rental to redefine the traditional rental experience.

Themed or personalized car rental

The first unusual trend in the world of vehicle rental is the emergence of the themed or personalized car rental market. This trend offers customers a unique rental experience where they can choose a vehicle that not only fits their practical needs, but also fits their personality or special occasion.


Who has never dreamed of driving the Batmobile? From cars decked out in the colors of popular films or sports franchises to custom models with luxurious interiors or high-tech amenities, themed vehicle rentals bring a whole new dimension to car rental. It reflects a growing demand for more personalized and memorable experiences and allows rental companies to stand out in a competitive market by offering a unique and personalized rental to their customers.

Luxury car rental

The craze for the prestige and luxury car rental market represents a significant trend in the vehicle rental sector. Increasingly, customers are looking to rent cars that not only provide transportation but also an engaging experience. More and more car rental companies are expanding their offering to include these high-end vehicles from famous brands like Mercedes, BMW, and Audi.


The luxury vehicle rental trend is linked by consumers’ desire for unique experiences, for special occasions like weddings, prestigious business trips or simply for the pleasure of driving a dream car. By meeting this demand, car rental companies are not only diversifying their vehicle fleets, but they are also improving their brand image and attracting customers willing to pay more for luxury and exclusivity.

Eco-friendly car rental

A notable trend in the vehicle rental industry is the rise of eco-friendly car rental. Faced with growing awareness of environmental issues, consumers are increasingly turning to environmentally friendly vehicles. This development has pushed car rental companies to integrate fleets of hybrid, electric or alternative fuel vehicles.


Eco-friendly vehicle rental options offer a significant reduction in greenhouse gas emissions but also allow customers to benefit from fuel savings and a quieter, smoother driving experience. By adopting eco-friendly vehicles, car rental companies are not only responding to the growing demand for more sustainable options but also contributing to a greener and socially responsible brand image.

Experiential car rental

An unusual trend in vehicle rentals is the development of experiential car rental packages. Beyond the simple rental of a vehicle, these packages offer a holistic experience that can include personalized tourist itineraries, access to exclusive events or even thematic adventures. For example, a rental package could offer a sports car with access to a racetrack or a luxury car with concierge services for high-end events.


This experiential vehicle rental trend proves that consumers are looking for more enriching and unforgettable experiences when renting vehicles. It allows rental companies to stand out by creating unique offers and transforming a basic service into an exceptional and personalized adventure to improve customer satisfaction and of course, their margin and profitability.

Car sharing car rental

The latest innovative trend is the rise of car sharing rental, perfectly illustrated by applications such as the clickygo car sharing application. This trend reflects a more flexible demand for vehicle rentals. Clickygo, for example, allows you to rent self-service cars from a professional for short periods, offering a practical solution for urban travel.


The car sharing vehicle rental market is supported by the automotive and technological expertise of hitechsoftware which plays a crucial role in the development of efficient digital solutions for rental companies thanks to its myrentcar software which automates car rental management. The adoption of solutions such as clickygo and myrentcar reflect a change in consumption habits, while helping to reduce operational costs and the ecological footprint of vehicles.

Ecrans du logiciel de location de véhicule myrentcar 2.0.
The clickygo car-sharing app and the myrentcar management software are a rising trend in car rental