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Start renting 2-wheel vehicles with a scooter rental software

Start renting 2-wheel vehicles with a scooter rental software

A motorcycle and scooter rental software is an essential tool to manage your two-wheel rental activity. The rental of two-wheelers is now popular for various reasons: leisure, getting around quickly or even testing the vehicle. We will first see what can motivate the rental of a two-wheeler. In a second part we will examine how a scooter and motorcycle rental software can become your best ally for managing your business.

Before getting interested in motorcycle rental software, let’s examine the motivations of people who rent two wheels

In order to optimise the management of your activity, motorcycle rental software is an essential tool. Before you start this activity, which customers do you want to attract? We observed 5 types of motivations among people who rent two-wheelers.

  • Leisure: Some people are passionate about motorcycles but do not necessarily have the means or space to acquire them or simply do not want to have to maintain and insure a two-wheeler. They can rent a motorcycle or scooter a few times a year when the weather is right to go for rides with recent models and without the constraints that a motorcycle owner may have.
  • Transport: Motorcycles and scooters are fast means of transport and do not suffer from traffic jams. Scooters are particularly popular in the French cities most affected by traffic jams, such as Marseille, Paris, Lyon and Bordeaux. In Paris, some companies have even set up a self-service electric scooter system. Simply connect to their application with your smartphone, locate the nearest scooter and start it with the application. Once you arrive at your destination, you simply put the scooter down and it will be available again at the place where you put it down, no more compulsory Velib or autolib terminals! It should be noted that there are also people who rent a scooter all year round in order to travel every day, these people avoid the constraint of maintenance and do not have to pay a significant amount for a purchase.
  • Tourism: There are regions that are ideal for two-wheelers during the holidays. Some two-wheelers are very popular with tourists during the summer season on the Côte d’Azur or Corsica, for example.
  • Trial: When you decide to buy a motorcycle or scooter, the dealer will give you the opportunity to try it. However, you will only be able to enjoy the driving of your future purchase for a few minutes and on the roads adjacent to the point of sale. Renting a motorcycle or scooter for a week can allow you to learn more about the behaviour of your future mount depending on the type of road. Some rental companies and two-wheelers set up partnerships in this direction. If your customer rents an X-motorcycle for 1 week from you, he can benefit from a 5% discount when buying the same new X-motorcycle from your partner dealer.
  • Assistance: If your personal two-wheelers are immobilised following an accident or breakdown, your insurance contract may offer you the availability of a loan vehicle for X times. In this case, you will get a motorcycle or scooter loan from a rental company that has an assistance contract with your insurer.

Optimal management of your activity thanks to scooter and motorcycle rental software

Now that you know the profile or profiles of the customers you want to attract, you must acquire scooter and motorcycle rental software to ensure quality service and maximise your profitability.
First of all, an efficient scooter rental software will allow you to have access to an ergonomic and clear planning giving you a vision on your two wheels for rent and your two wheels available. This way you can quickly and accurately respond to your customers’ requests and manage quotes, reservations, contracts and invoices from the same schedule.

The scooter and motorcycle rental software will also guarantee you a precise and rigorous follow-up of maintenance (alert planning), repairs and all costs related to each of your vehicles. This way you can know the profitability of each of your two wheels and maximise their resale price because they will be in good condition. In addition to allowing you to track your vehicles, the software must also allow you to track your customers with complete information sheets and the possibility of quickly accessing a history of their previous rentals.

An efficient software should allow you to edit contracts in several languages, it is all the more necessary if your customers are tourists. You must at least be able to provide them with business documents in English or Spanish in addition to French.

If you have a web booking interface, make sure that the software can synchronise with this interface so that you can communicate availability and rates to Internet users in real time. In addition, online bookings will therefore be directly available on the scooter and motorcycle rental software. PV management must be proposed by the software in order to avoid a significant and tedious workload depending on the number of vehicles in your fleet.
Many scooter or motorcycle rental companies offer their customers the option of delivering two-wheelers to any location they wish. If you wish to do the same, it may be relevant to have a mobile application that allows you to perform a departure or return inventory on a tablet, anywhere, at any time.

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