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How to simplify car rental administration?

How to simplify car rental administration?

Simplifying car rental administration is essential to save time and facilitate sharing information. How to do so ?


Car rental administration requires many needs to be taken into account, which are specific to the business of car rental and fleet management. Reservation, invoicing, accounting, maintenance management, mileage and fuel management, management of leasing files or management of financing are all factors, that make the task all the more complicated.  Simplifying car rental administration is a key stage when it comes to developing your agency, in order to save time and productivity. You shall find advise in this article to facilitate car rental administration and why it makes sense to opt for a car rental software to do so.

What does administration mean, in terms of car rental?

Car rental administration is about planning so as to erase all the bearings in your fleet and managing all their cycles. Therefore, car rental administration is in charge of managing the company’s business. This means, right from making a reservation and creating a customer profile, until the inventory and then returning the car, there are many steps which are entrusted to the administrative services of the company.


These steps require validating the identity documents and commercial documents or managing compatibility and invoicing. But that’s not it, the administration also takes care of the availability of cars, their maintenance, mileage, fuel, insurance, ticket, cost and possibly claims! These are the main steps in the car rental administration, and there are many of them! All these tasks aim to ensure proper administration of the institution and sustainable growth and profitability.

How to administer a car rental?

Wondering how to properly administer a car rental? There is no secret, a proper car rental administration necessarily requires good management and optimal sharing of your resources and information. Firstly, begin by simplifying the formalities of your rental agency, by facilitating certain requests or administrative procedures, which are often required beforehand. This will have the effect of improving exchanges between your employees and customers. Once these steps have been completed, it is now time to dematerialize and digitize the administration of a car rental.


In order to optimize the management of a car rental administration, it is wise to install a software in your company’s computer system. This management tool will allow you to effectively manage all the specifics of the business and centralize your data. Car rental accounting and invoicing shall be automated, but also the calculation of your activity’s profitability or the management of insurance and maintenance. All the information is secure and shared among all your users to save time and improve efficiency in terms of car rental administrative tasks. But how do you make the right choice of car rental management solution ? Myrentcar is the solution, a car rental software, the benchmark which simplifies car rental administration.

How to facilitate car rental administration?

Myrentcar software has been designed to facilitate car rental administration. Myrentcar is a complete tool that manages and automates your entire activity. The car rental administration has been greatly simplified. Developped by hitechsoftware, the car rental management solution myrentcar, has an intuitive schedule which allows you to create a reservation through a single click, customize the request and edit the corresponding business documents that you will easily find in the cloud. The electronic signature which is sent automatically to your customers, shall further facilitate your exchanges and prevent many printed documents from collecting dust.


Myrentcar makes it possible to centralize all the management and car rental administration in one and the same management tool, which is compatible with all your file types. Accessible on tablet, computer, and smartphone to allow everyone to work remotely, myrentcar can be configured depending on the challenges of your company and evolves according to its requirements. The myrentcar car rental software also provides several advantages, which helps simplify car rental administration, on which we give details below.

Why choose a car rental administration management software ?

Opting for a car rental administration management software offers many benefits to support the development and growth of your business. Implementing an IT solution dedicated to the rental and management of an automobile fleet, will allow you to completely digitalize the activity and its administration. Moreover, integrating the myrentcar car rental software will save you time and gain in efficiency with your management, in addition to facilitating the sharing of information.


The myrentcar software centralizes and manages all your administrative requirements through a single tool:

  • – Car rental management
  • – Long-term rental quote
  • – Business management
  • – Fleet management
  • – Repair management
  • – Claims management
  • – Ticket management
  • – Insurance management
  • – Sales management
  • – Settlement management
  • – Funding management
  • – Billing management
  • – Accounting management

Moreover, the myrentcar car rental solution is compatible with rentpad car inventory app  which allows you to carry out the return and departure inventory of your cars via a tablet and send it to your customers instantly. Precise monitoring of your activity, safeguarding the profitability of your fleet, better traceability and mobility of information and reduction of processing costs are all on the agenda. The rentpad inventory app is the ideal complementary tool for myrentcar as it helps simplify the car rental administration.


The myrentcar car rental software equips several thousand rental companies around the world. Do you wish to optimize car rental administration as well? Do not hesitate to contact us and request for a demonstration to get started on myrentcar. A dedicated technical support takes care of all the configuration and integration of your information, for an optimal beginning on the myrentcar car rental management solution. Don’t wait up and simplify the administration of car rental and yield profit through your business!

Myrentcar software simplifies car rental administration