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How to send SMS for car rental?

How to send SMS for car rental?

Are you a car rental company looking to send SMS for car rental? Let’s explore how to automate your informative and marketing texts.


The vehicle rental market and fleet management have evolved considerably in recent years. Indeed, customer relations now naturally occupy a prominent place in ensuring satisfaction and enhancing the experience of your services. Car rental companies and fleet managers are using new channels to communicate with their clients. Among these channels is the sending of SMS for car rentals. In this article, we delve into why and how to automate SMS in vehicle rentals using suitable car rental management software.

Why send SMS in vehicle rental?

It is now essential to send SMS in vehicle rental because customers renting a car primarily seek speed and simplicity. Customers are gradually moving away from long queues at counters, and there is now a vast majority of reservations made online via an application, a website, or a price comparison platform. These different channels enable a quick and round-the-clock connection between your available vehicle categories and a client searching for a car rental, scooter, motorcycle, bicycle, scooter, utility vehicle, or even a chauffeured sedan.


Since human interaction between the rental company and the customer hardly occurs during the pre-sales phase, it is important to digitize your communications and send SMS in car rentals to enhance the quality and speed of your services. SMS benefits from the highest reception rate, but it is essential to note that texts are not incompatible with other means of communication. A multichannel marketing strategy using your website, WhatsApp, calls, emails, social networks, or even physical channels such as distributing flyers will always be more effective and will increase…

What are the advantages of SMS for a car rental company?

There are numerous advantages of using SMS for a car rental company. Indeed, it’s not without reason that so many rental agencies communicate with their clients and partners through text messages! For instance, an SMS allows you to promptly inform your client about a reservation via their phone, remind them to electronically sign a rental contract, request an online review, foster loyalty, or promote special offers. Consequently, two categories of SMS are distinguished in car rentals: informative SMS, also known as automated SMS, and marketing SMS.


Automated SMS sending for car rentals enables you to define your commercial strategies and personalize your messages by establishing sending rules and pre-configured texts with personalized tokens. For instance, automated SMS in vehicle rentals ensures automatically sending a personalized text 24 hours before the departure date of any reservation, such as: “Alex, we are pleased to confirm your rental departing from our London agency tomorrow at 9:30 am. Your rental agency wishes you an excellent day.”


On the other hand, sending marketing SMS for car rentals is an important component of any vehicle rental company’s loyalty and acquisition campaigns. Leveraging rental history, marketing SMS in vehicle rentals allows you to send bulk SMS. It serves as a simple and quick automation tool to strategically target recipients. For example, if you want to send an SMS to all last summer’s Minibus renters to introduce them to a new range of vehicles, you can schedule and send a message at a specific time and date, such as: “Need a Minibus for the summer? Come discover our new range at great prices. Get a 10% discount upon presenting this message.”

How to choose your SMS sending software for car rental?

Given the multitude of marketing tool offers, it’s important to choose SMS sending software for car rental that suits your business. Fortunately, the myrentcar software has been designed to meet the needs and challenges of vehicle rental companies and fleet managers. How does the SMS automation software for car rentals, myrentcar, work? Simply put, through a Web interface in SaaS mode, the myrentcar solution allows you to set up your sending and marketing campaigns, view billed SMS, analyze the current SMS balance in use, and track undelivered messages. The SMS sending technically operates in metropolitan France from the server of the hitech, a team of car rental experts behind the myrentcar software, who have been assisting professionals in the sector such as DLM, France Cars, or Ucar for many years.


We highly recommend the myrentcar software for sending SMS in car rentals as it’s currently considered the benchmark and offers the best features to manage and optimize your rental business. In addition to sending and automating your SMS and emails for car rentals, myrentcar allows you to manage your customers, schedule, vehicle fleet, invoicing, and accounting. Compatible with the clickygo car-sharing app for 24/7 rental of your connected self-service cars, the SMS automation software for vehicle rentals, myrentcar, is an intuitive tool that centralizes and manages all the information of your rental agency, from online bookings to tablet-based inspections and car sharing. Contact the hitech teams to try out the myrentcar software and get information on SMS sending rates for vehicle rentals.

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Send and automate SMS for car rentals with the myrentcar software.