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How to deal with the rental equipment crisis?

How to deal with the rental equipment crisis?

Some economic and health situations require one to adapt, how to deal with the rental equipment crisis?


Rental equipment companies and managers may see themselves being faced with certain health and economic crises such as the Covid-19 pandemic. These rental equipment crisis are rather complex to understand. However, we must not give up but rather turn it into a strength, to develop and revamp its activity and logistics, according to the situation. Here are our tips and advice to optimize and yield profit through your rental equipment during the crisis mainly with a rental equipment software.

What is the impact of the crisis in the rental of equipment?

Following the current health and economic situation, what is the impact of the crisis in the rental of equipment? The Covid-19 crisis and lockdown mainly impacted companies that were not ready for the computerized management of their activity, mainly in terms of planning. The sector’s demand for digitization is constantly increasing following the rental equipment crisis, accelerated by the development of the construction market and new consumption patterns giving pride to the rental aspect.


The requirements for rental equipment during the crisis have evolved and rental companies now want to be mobile and flexible while managing their activity. The profession is also seeking to develop the website showcase, to offer an online reservation service to their customers and not depend on an agency and a potentially closed counter, any longer. This is an extremely important issue in the equipment rental during the crisis. In order to meet this demand, hitechsoftware’s web services favors total centralization of this information within the harmony rental software.

Why choose a software to deal with the rental equipment crisis?

In order to effectively deal with the rental of equipment crisis, it is necessary to choose a suitable software. The harmony equipment rental software is an extremely complete tool and is genuinely intuitive which makes it easy to use. Construction professionals during the rental equipment crisis, find harmony to be a software which is adapted to their needs, from planning to trading, including maintenance, workshop, and repairs. The construction and handling equipment rental sector represents an important part of Hitech’s activity. Due to innovative solutions which are adapted to these businesses, hitechsoftware is supporting a growing number of equipment rental companies during the crisis, in France but also in Asia. Due to a solid experience in the business, the Hitech teams are able to quickly respond to the requirements of the field and of rental companies.


The implementation of specific software is no longer a pursued goal, and the general billing solution is no longer enough to address the current and future challenges of the crisis in the rental of equipment. Hitechsoftware customers want turnkey solutions which focus on their daily lives, adapted to the reality of their business and with a speed of implementation that favors productivity yields right from the first months. The crisis in the rental of equipment triggers the need for immediate results. The harmony management software offers complete digitization of the activity and tools to anticipate and quickly yield profit through rental equipment.


The use of an intuitive schedule designed for the profession makes it easy to manage unforeseen material returns and allows a customer to quickly respond to a need for a specific product category. The analysis tools of the harmony software also make it possible to visualize the positive or negative consequences of the crisis in terms of equipment rental by combining a lot of information, in order to organize its decision-making. The need for centralization and anticipation are factors which have naturally increased, due to the rental equipment crisis.

Is software the ideal solution for the rental equipment crisis?

Is software really the ideal solution for the rental equipment crisis? The answer is yes! The harmony rental software saves a considerable amount of time and efficiency, not to mention genuine improvement in results and optimal anticipation of activity during the crisis of rental equipment. Hitechsoftware is a recognized player among rental companies in the SME segment. Supporting the rental and construction industry for more than 30 years, the harmony software benefits from a rich functional coverage, easy management and a relevant economic model to confront the rental equipment crisis.


In order to meet the new mobility and flexibility challenges of the rental equipment crisis, the harmony software comes with a rentpad inventory app to carry out the inventory of equipment on a tablet and of the new myharmony application, to monitor in real time and manage your business remotely. In response to the situation, the digital signing of contracts is also on the way within harmony, through the aim of speeding up transition to greater digitization of their processes. Streamlining the exchanges between the lessor and its customers and optimizing online and remote transactions is a perfect response to rental equipment crisis, that management software allows.


Development prospects look good despite the rental equipment crisis and hitechsoftware puts everything in place to support and facilitate the daily lives of rental companies during this particular context by offering effective and adapted solutions, which are in keeping with the challenges of today but also of the future. Do you want to face the rental equipment crisis by downloading the harmony software? Get a demonstration of the harmony reference management solution at once, by filling out the form below!

Harmony solution is a perfect response to rental equipment crisis