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How do you rent a self-service car?

How do you rent a self-service car?

How do you rent a self-service car or any other connected car-sharing car 24 hours a day and everywhere to make your daily life easier?


Self-service car rental is undoubtedly the mobility of tomorrow. Many car rental companies and fleet managers offer their customers and employees self-service cars in order to free themselves from the constraints of opening a branch or handing over the keys. These new trends are made possible thanks to innovative solutions such as the car sharing application clickygo. But how do you rent a self-service car in complete safety?

What is self-service car rental?

Self-service car rental is the ability to rent a connected car directly from your phone, day or night, without a counter or station. Self-service cars also make daily life easier for users and companies while increasing their visibility. Accessible by easily downloading an app, the carsharing movement is being driven by global urbanization trends. Renting a self-service car is therefore increasingly becoming a form of mobility that meets the new ecological and economic challenges.

What is the ecological impact of self-service cars?

The ecological impact of the self-service car is particularly encouraging. Indeed, renting a self-service car replaces 5 private cars while freeing 4 parking spaces. The shared car thus avoids the production of 6 to 8 cars (or 36 tons of CO2 over 10 years). The reduction of the mileage done during the use of a self-service car also reduces the emissions of a user by 1.5 tons of CO2/year.

What are the benefits of self-service cars?

The benefits of self-service cars are largely positive and offer many advantages for users and professionals. A private individual renting a connected car saves €2,000 per year in insurance and maintenance for 5,000 km! Companies that use car-sharing and self-service cars for their employees’ trips save an average of €10,000 per year in parking spaces, cabs, Uber or allowances.

What are the regulations for self-service cars?

The regulation of self-service cars is supported by the public authorities who have established legislation to accompany the growth of the carsharing sector. The financial support and legal framework for self-service cars set up by the French government aim to encourage the development of connected cars through several laws and texts, whether for local authorities, companies or individuals.


Self-service car rental is thus supported by the “car-sharing label”, which allows connected cars with this label to benefit from reserved parking spaces and preferential rates. In addition, the transport payment can now be used to finance investment and operating expenses for any action within the scope of the AOM (Mobility Organizing Authority), and therefore for car-sharing and self-service car services.

How to put a car in self-service?

It is imperative to connect your car in order to put a car in self-service. Hitechsoftware supports car rental companies and fleet managers by providing them with the necessary connected devices for self-service car rental. What is a connected device? A connected device is a tool that allows to collect and store a lot of data. Installing a box on the vehicles not equipped is thus essential to put a vehicle in self-service. It allows you to unlock a keyless car directly from a phone and track its geolocation, fuel level, mileage and much more.

Which self-service car application to choose?

Getting into carsharing requires the right self-service car application! First, it is important to clearly identify your needs. Are you a private individual who wants to make your connected car available or use those of other individuals? Or are you a professional car rental company or a company with a fleet of cars that wants to offer your cars for self-service? If it is the latter, there is the clickygo self-service car app, specially designed for professionals!


The clickygo self-service car app makes your connected cars available 24/7 to your customers, employees or app users, depending on your needs. Downloading clickygo is very simple. The self-service car app is available on Android and iPhone iOS smartphones. Every driver can easily reserve your self-service car wherever he or she is, check in and lock it without a key. The clickygo self-service car app then calculates the cost of the reservation according to the duration, mileage, fuel and insurance! And that’s not all, because clickygo is compatible with the myrentcar car rental software to optimize self-service cars management.

How to manage self-service cars?

The myrentcar car rental software allows you to optimize and manage self-service cars. Centralizing the information from the clickygo car-sharing application, the myrentcar online solution guarantees complete management of your fleet and your self-service car rental thanks to its many features. Indeed, myrentcar allows you to monitor, analyze and optimize your TCO while helping you calculate the profitability of your business. The myrentcar software also allows you to manage the maintenance, fines, financing and geolocation of your car fleet.


From planning to invoicing to accounting, you will find in myrentcar a software adapted to your needs, whether you are renting a car for self-service or for a classic short-term rental. Myrentcar and clickygo are two complete and indispensable tools for any professional. Hitechsoftware will assist you in connecting your fleet, installing and configuring these two systems. You want to rent self-service cars? Get a demo of clickygo and myrentcar simply by filling out the form below!

Clickygo self-service car app is specially designed for professionals!