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What is included in the price of a car rental system?

What is included in the price of a car rental system?

The price of a car rental system includes access to many tools for rental companies. What do these costs include and why?


The majority of car rental professionals now use computer systems to manage their entire car leasing business. However, the price of a vehicle rental software can vary greatly depending on the profile and needs of the rental company. Thus, it is a good idea to analyze the different profiles of car rental companies to find the price of a car rental system that will include the modules tailored to your specific needs.

What is the price of a vehicle rental management solution for you?

The price of a vehicle rental management solution varies according to the challenges of your industry. Are you specialized in the rental of two-wheelers, trucks or electric bicycles? What is the size of your car fleet? Are you leaning towards long-term rentals? Is workshop management an important part of your rental business? Are you opening your first car leasing company? These are all questions that will determine your IT needs and the cost of car leasing software.


Indeed, these different needs will correspond to modules that will be added to the ERP and the vehicle rental management software package. The price of a vehicle rental system is generally between 100 and 200 euros per month. Each added module then completes the offer according to your business and the areas of activity that you wish to optimize.  For example, it is possible to complete the rental management and accounting tool with a long-term quotation system, financing management or maintenance and repair management. This will then determine the price of a car leasing solution.

How to get the best quality/price ratio of a car rental software?

The software market for car rental is complex and it is tricky to find your way around if you want to get the best quality/costratio from a car rental software. To address all vehicle rental companies and satisfy all types of structures with a high-performance tool, hitechsoftware has developed the myrentcar web solution. The price of the vehicle rental application myrentcaris tailored to the profile of the professional and his company. Thus, a rental company starting out or a large leasing group composed of a sizeable car fleet will find in myrentcar the functionalities and a tariff tailored to its activity and its income.


Indeed, myrentcar is today the reference on the rental management software market and, because of what it enables and the results that it allows to obtain, it offers a price defying all competition. Myrentcar is an intuitive SaaS solution that can be accessed online simply with a web browser. The myrentcar car rental management system allows you to be more mobile than ever by accessing all your business and fleet data from a computer, tablet and phone. This information is hosted and secured on high-performance and ultra-fast cloud servers. The cost of a vehicle rental software such as myrentcar is then composed of a monthly subscription to take advantage of these services and obtain significant time and productivity savings.


The cost of the vehicle leasing system myrentcaris 195€/month and includes dynamic planning, short and medium-term modules, accounting, payment management, fine management, preventive maintenance alerts, sales and invoicing as well as analysis and reporting tools. The myrentcar application can then be extended with numerous modules tailored to the needs of your sector. For example, myrentcar is compatible with the rentpad tablet inventory of fixtures application, which greatly facilitates the management of your cars’ departures and arrivals. The workshop management system also plans all the maintenance and repairs that take place during the life cycle of the vehicles in your fleet. The web services, as for them, will allow the synchronization with the reservations made on your website and the creation of customer space directly supported by the CRM of the software package. All of these modules will therefore define the price of the car rental ERP and what it includes for an optimal quality/price ratio according to your needs and expectations.

What kind of support and what fee can you expect for a vehicle rental management system?

The myrentcar vehicle rental management system fee comes with full long-term assistance and support. Indeed, thanks to its many years of experience, hitechsoftware has built up a solid team to meet your needs, direct you towards the right tools and take care of the installation and integration of your data into your existing IS. Opting for a less expensive car rental management solution with a lifetime license and no monthly fees will save you money when start out. However, what will be the real gain in time and productivity if at the first problem you encounter there is no support to help you? Hitechsoftware is committed to a philosophy of long-term support with each of its customers and offers a healthier business model for its car rental management software package.


The configuration of the myrentcar car rental software is thus directly taken care of by our technical support and is included in the price of the car rental management software. The installation of myrentcar is quick and will quickly allow you to optimize your rental activity and the management of your car fleet. This is why more than 4,000 users trust myrentcar and hitechsoftware. Would you also like a demonstration ? Find more information on the myrentcar online car rental solution by clicking here.

The price of myrentcar is suitable for all situations and company sizes