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How to have paperless vehicle rental contracts?

How to have paperless vehicle rental contracts?

Having paperless vehicle rental contracts is now an essential step in the rental management of a company. How can you do it?


Many vehicle rental companies have said it, going paperless with your car leasing administrative documents is essential to save time, money and productivity. The process is even mandatory in some cases such as those of payment registration or electronic invoicing.  However, it is difficult to find one’s way in a constantly changing rental industry. How can you do it easily while meeting the essential criteria of inalterability, security, backing-up and archiving your documents?

What is going paperless with vehicle rental contracts?

Going paperless with vehicle rental contracts is becoming increasingly important to meet the challenges of the rental business. It is a process that enables the digitization and acceleration of signing and archiving of contracts while guaranteeing their security and legality. Having a paperless leasing contract means generating it directly in digital format via an information system that will then be used to store and secure it.


You will then be able to easily find in your files in PDF format your various invoices, estimates, contracts, and other administrative documents. From a legal point of view, a digital contract is equivalent to a paper contract. Indeed, the law stipulates that written documents in electronic form are admissible as evidence in the same way as written documents on paper, subject to the clear and precise authentication of the signatories of the contract and the guarantee of the integrity of the document. These are the two conditions to be met to have paperless rental contracts.

Why automate car rental contracts?

Automating car rental contracts has many advantages for car rental companies and fleet managers. It is one of the keys to the digital transformation of their business. In this article, we will explain why automating vehicle leasing contracts has many competitive advantages, mainly from a commercial point of view.


The main advantages of having paperless vehicle leasing contracts are the simplification of the signing process, the archiving of data and the security of this information. Indeed, automating leasing contracts facilitates the management of rental contracts because the process reduces the exchange of documents by mail or email. It also reduces the number of printouts and therefore naturally reduces paper consumption. In addition, it eliminates the need to scan documents and limits the risk of document loss by storing them online on secure servers.


In the context of commercial relations, automated car rental contracts reduce the time taken to sign contracts and greatly helps to achieve commercial objectives faster by speeding up vehicle sales and reservations. This increased responsiveness is a definite competitive advantage and should not be underestimated if you want to increase your rental activity to make it profitable. Together with the security and simplification of exchanges, this is the major advantage of having paperless car leasing contracts. Mainly in this sector where supply, demand and business model are more and more connected.

Is there a software to dematerialize vehicle rental contracts?

There is software to dematerialize vehicle rental contracts, sign electronically and manage electronic documents: myrentcar. Thanks to its numerous functionalities and configuration possibilities, myrentcar is considered the reference for car rental management solutions. Synchronized with your other tools and your computer system, myrentcar allows you to manage all aspects of the rental activity.  From contract signature to vehicle fleet management and cost control, myrentcar’s vehicle rental software has been designed in a user friendly and intuitive way to meet all the needs of rental companies.


Connecting and digitalizing the rental activity is a major challenge that certainly saves time, money and productivity. Myrentcar thus automates all of your contracts, invoices and administrative documents for short, medium and long term rentals, regardless of the type of vehicle rented (utility vehicle, sedan, motorcycle, truck, electric bicycle and much more). In addition to a complete leasing management tool, it is the ideal invoicing software for vehicle rental. Supported by myrentcar, the electronic invoice will allow you to efficiently transmit and secure all your documents to make your daily life and that of your customers easier.


Easily accessible online on computer, tablet and telephone, the myrentcar car rental management application is compatible with numerous modules that facilitate and optimize the management and accounting of rental companies. Among these modules, we recommend the rentpad vehicle inventory application, which simplifies departures and returns of your vehicle fleet. The rentpad tool will then automatically edit and send the inventory of fixtures to the customer so that the latter validates it with an electronic signature. This is a perfect example of having paperless rental contracts which contributes to the proper management of a vehicle rental company and its customer satisfaction. Wherever you are, myrentcar manages and secures your signatures and contracts at a maximum level.


Thanks to a competent team and listening to the needs of car rental companies, hitechsoftware is positioned today as one of the leaders in the development of car rental management solutions. Dedicated technical support will accompany you and guide you towards the right IT tools for the management of your rental activity. Anticipating the technological evolutions proves more than ever to be a major challenge to ensure its growth and to position itself on new markets. More than 4,000 users have already placed their trust in us and opted for myrentcar in order to digitalize their rental business! Why not you? Find out more about the myrentcar car rental management software by clicking here.

Myrentcar solution dematerializes vehicle rental contracts