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How to optimize the management of a luxury vehicle’s fleet? By chabé

How to optimize the management of a luxury vehicle’s fleet? By chabé

European leader in the luxury vehicle rental market, Chabe shares its vision and advices on how to optimize a luxury vehicle’s fleet.


Mr. Chabe, the founder, launched for the first time in 1921 a car with driver rental service, to the upper-class citizens. Since then, the family business has grown successfully and its clientele has expanded, to become the leader in the luxury car rental market. Meet the group’s high standard required a dedicated fleet management solution. That’s why Chabe’s white glove subsidiary asked for Hitech software’s expertise and its fleet management solution myrentcar.

How to make a luxury car rental service profitable?

Chabe group and its subsidiary White Gloves are leading the way on how to make a luxury car rental service profitable. The subsidiary has been created 3 years ago and now in charge of managing the entire fleet as well as offer a high-end vehicle rental service to professional drivers. With more than 400 luxurious vehicles, spread over all the group’s agencies in Europe, Switzerland and Monaco, a tailored fleet management solution was necessary.


White Glove chose myrentcar vehicle rental management solution for an improved global management. They are using myrentcar main functions as real-time monitoring of all vehicles and driver management. Chabe’s activity and fleet have quickly grown, supported by myrentcar fleet management solution.

How to manage a luxury vehicle’s fleet?

Implementing myrentcar in your environment greatly improve your daily fleet management to manage a luxury vehicle’s fleet. Thierry Butlewski, Managing Director of White Gloves, testifies. “Until now, we had no tool that allowed us to manage Chabe’s entire fleet, from check-in to check out. That’s why we chose to implement myrentcar in our organization, to have a dedicated software able to manage everything”.


Through myrentcar daily usage, we efficiently manage Chabe’s entire fleet. “The functional richness of myrentcar makes it possible to manage the entry of vehicles, maintenance, vehicles check-in/out and most of the commercial processes.”, says the General Manager. Myrentcar provides a reliable and integrated management which is crucial for the management of a luxurious vehicle’s fleet. Our activity’s key point is about maintenance cost optimization. Myrentcar optimizes the availability per unit to greatly decreased associated maintenance costs. “Any unavailability on a luxurious car represents a high cost for the company: we therefore needed the performance of the myrentcar solution! ».


According to Thierry Butlewski, myrentcar tools and interface are efficient and user-friendly but that was not enough!  What made the difference was hitechsoftware team’s capabilities to deliver a tailored and responsive assistance. “I really appreciate the support we have access to, which correctly advise us and is very responsive”. Chabe’s Group has a bright future on the luxury vehicle rental market thanks to myrentcar. The Group is planning to implement myrentcar web and mobile version in a near future. Find more information about the myrentcar car rental software here.

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