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Why choose an online fleet management solution?

Why choose an online fleet management solution?

When a company decides to opt for online fleet management solution, it can only benefit its growth.


Indeed, fleet management is a complex activity that requires a lot of knowledge and expertise to be carried out successfully. An online vehicle fleet management software facilitates and automates many processes to contribute to the development and reactivity of an activity, whatever the size of the fleet. It is an important investment allowing to obtain an excellent profitability.

An online fleet management software optimizes tracking

An online fleet management software offers many benefits and optimizes tracking. Surely, a cloud-based fleet management application enhances the growth and profitability of a fleet management business with a wide range of management, monitoring and analysis capabilities.


For a fleet to operate as efficiently as possible, the communication of information is extremely important. Centralizing your fleet data is obviously a first step towards better fleet management. It greatly simplifies the sharing of information between your different teams, drivers, and users. The use of the cloud by the online fleet management system allows automatic and instantaneous data transmission. This way, all the information is grouped together on an intelligent and practical common planning tool. This makes it possible, for example, to see continuously which vehicles are available and to extend a rental contract with a single click. In addition, a continuous analysis of this data is provided. You then have access to a real profitability balance sheet vehicle by vehicle. This is an important aid to decision making and fleet management.


This regular and rigorous monitoring of your vehicle fleet using a SaaS fleet management solution has a positive impact on the profitability and health of a fleet in addition to facilitating it. Automatic alerts, management of claims or purchases, check-in and check-out and mileage control are all part of the functionalities of an online fleet management software. Also, this type of software package integrates complete management of accounting and financing in compliance with the standards and laws in force.


Relying on a dedicated ERP tool will also help to simplify and optimize the monitoring of the maintenance and servicing of your car fleet. This simplification translates into the use of tools such as alert planning or the history of maintenance operations carried out on all your vehicles. It is also possible to carry out check-in and check-out on a tablet and automatically edit the associated documents (contracts, estimates, etc.). These IT tools are therefore essential for any good fleet manager. Cost control and the time and efficiency savings that this provides are some of the essential added values of a cloud-based fleet management system.

Stay on the move and operational with an online car fleet management application

One of the main arguments for an online car fleet management application is of course accessibility everywhere via a smartphone, tablet or computer. Designed to meet the daily challenges and issues of fleet managers, an online vehicle fleet management solution will allow you to respond in real time and anywhere to requests for reservations or quotes. This tool simply requires an internet connection, whether it is from an operator’s network or a Wi-Fi connection. The cloud then takes care of recording, transmitting and securing the data.


Such systems are generally developed to integrate the need for fleet tracking and information sharing between employees outside the office. A cloud car fleet management software then allows a complete management of your car fleet thanks to numerous functionalities and a direct synchronization with your website and your existing tools. All this from your phone or tablet! The user-friendliness and practicality of an online car fleet management system will save you precious time and will allow you to be both in the field and instantly managing customer requests. This will make you more mobile and operational than ever!

Myrentcar, the quintessential cloud vehicle fleet management system

The myrentcar cloud-based vehicle fleet management system is a 100% web-based solution for managing all aspects of fleet management. Hitechsoftware has more than 30 years of experience in this field and is made up of competent experts with a thorough knowledge of the rental and fleet management sector. Our teams work on a daily basis to offer, develop and update new functionalities to increase your performance and improve your comfort. The myrentcar online fleet management software is thus a user-friendly, easy-to-install tool that can be fully customized and configured to suit your needs. Simply accessible from a browser and usable from a PC, Mac, smartphone or tablet, it is a mobile, powerful and secure tool!


The installation of the myrentcar online fleet management solution is very simple. A team of dedicated technicians takes care of the entire installation of myrentcar and the integration of your data. Full and continuous support for the software package is also guaranteed. The user-friendly and intuitive interface of the software ensures that you can quickly get to grips with it and master it, resulting in considerable time savings when training new users. The use of such a tool by your teams promises considerable time and performance savings beneficial to your company and your customers. Whatever the size of your vehicle fleet, hitechsoftware is committed to supporting you in the development and digital transition of your business! Don’t wait any longer to contact us here.

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