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What is France Cars’ myrentcar review?

What is France Cars’ myrentcar review?

In this article France Cars provide their review of myrentcar, the car rental and fleet management software used by their company.


The France Cars teams decided to integrate the myrentcar car rental software with the aim of optimizing their activity and boosting their profitability. After several months of use, what is their myrentcar review? Sanna Daalder, IT Business Partner for France Cars and Avis Budget France and Maxime Hellemans, IT Manager, feedback on their myrentcar test. Here is their testimony.

Myrentcar test

The myrentcar test includes the integration of the car rental software and its use. Before jumping into the deep end, it is essential to provide the context: myrentcar is an online solution that can be accessed from anywhere and that allows you to manage all the specifics of vehicle leasing and fleet management, from planning to invoicing to accounting. The myrentcar software also enables its clients to accurately manage long-term leasing thanks to its tools for calculating expenses, financing and profitability. Digitizing all stages of the business using digital signatures, the inventory of fixtures on a tablet or the clickygo car-sharing application, myrentcar is designed to be the number one software tool for car rental.


France Cars is part of the Avis Budget Group, one of the world’s leading car and van rental companies.  Maxime, IT Manager, witnessed the selection process for the company’s management software for over a hundred agencies. He provided us with his review of myrentcar. “Several factors led us to choose to migrate to myrentcar. Firstly, the fact that the application is more flexible in terms of evolutions and developments and the possibility of securing it easily, in particular with the SOX standards which are required by the Group. Moreover, the ease of management and access from a technical point of view compared to rentcar and the fluidity of the web version in SaaS mode convinced us”, explains Maxime. Is this really the case? The verdict on the myrentcar review below.

What is their myrentcar integration review?

It is very important to take into consideration customers’ reviews on the integration of myrentcar into a company’s IT system. Indeed, it will determine how you will communicate your information (accounting, geolocation, website, …) and the handling of your teams. Sanna, IT Business Partner of France Cars says: “Hitech provides us with dedicated teams with a Senior Project Manager, he was technical and had a great business understanding. Rigorous in the management of the project and training, hitechsoftware accompanied France Cars throughout the implementation of myrentcar with its expertise making the project agile and meeting the company’s needs.” A myrentcar review shared by the entire Group.


Maxime, IT Manager, completes this myrentcar test: “The teams were attentive and very responsive throughout the project, especially when adjustments had to be made to the way we used the application. Every time we updated or modified myrentcar, we had a complete follow-up to make sure that everything was going according to plan. The explanations were clear, as was the transfer of knowledge for the technical side of the application management. Myrentcar is now in place and working steadily for a few months at France Cars and the hitech teams are always available to provide assistance, to follow-up on evolutions and developments when requested.

What is their myrentcar usage review?

Developed to meet all the needs of rental companies and fleet managers, what is your myrentcar usage review on a day to day basis? Maxime from France Cars explains: “From an operational point of view, the myrentcar software has intuitive ergonomics and an excellent display fluidity, not to mention extremely accessible data extractions features. According to the teams, most of them did not want to return to the old software, as the myrentcar management solution was much more fluid, reactive and easier to use. From a technical point of view, user management, managing access rights, the maintenance and security of the software as well as managing updates simplified the daily life of the France Cars teams.”


Sanna also provided her myrentcar review: “We highly recommend myrentcar management software. The product meets the business needs of France Cars and is our main application. The solution is mature enough to meet our needs and the improvements we requested are introduced according to priority. Maxime concluded his myrentcar test: “The myrentcar car rental software fully meets our technical and operational expectations. The expertise of hitech offers us new perspectives and allows us to gain visibility on our future projects, especially on the integration of tools and services connected to myrentcar, considerably boosting our business.”

How does myrentcar rate?

After integration and use of the vehicle rental software, how does myrentcar rate? The users at France Cars have fully validated this accessible, intuitive and efficient online management solution. According to them, myrentcar is perfectly adapted to the needs of rental companies, fleet managers and their environment, while benefiting from high-quality support and technical assistance. The myrentcar software therefore receives a 5-star rating.


The regular updates have not finished enriching this already very complete product and it is not too late to boost and optimize your vehicle rental! The myrentcar management software is now recommended by many companies and its price is adapted to all types of organizations, from SMEs to large corporations. Would you like to make your own myrentcar review? Reach out to hitechsoftware and receive your demo by filling out the form below!

Myrentcar deserves a 5-star rating according to France Cars