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How to choose your motorhome rental software?

How to choose your motorhome rental software?

Choosing your van or motorhome rental software is essential to manage and optimize your business. How to make the right choice?


Management of motorhome rental is a tedious task in a booming and developing sector. Choosing a motorhome rental software which is adapted to your needs will allow you to centralize all your information and manage all the specifics of this fascinating and special job. In order to help you make the right choice, we will give detailed advice in this article to manage a motorhome rental efficiently and the essential functions of a motorhome rental solution. We shall conclude on the importance of opting for a complete management and reservation system like the myrentcar car rental software.

How to manage a motorhome rental?

Motorhome or van rental, you are certainly thinking about how to properly manage a motorhome rental? Well, you’re at the right place! Managing a motorhome rental is based on solid monitoring and optimal consolidation of your motorhome fleet and your offer. Managing a motorhome rental effectively, requires centralizing all your information. Insurance, identity documents, planning, movement history, invoicing or accounting are specific features which need to be optimized in order to analyze, boost but most of all, make your business profitable.


It is important to choose and set up within your IT system a motorhome rental management software adapted to your company. A motorhome rental solution will allow you to actively manage and monitor all stages of the management of motorhome rental while saving time and favoring productivity. The customer experience will also be much smoother and easier, from the digital signature to the handing over of the keys, which includes the inventory. But what are the must-have options for any good motorhome rental software?

The 5 essential features of a motorhome rental software

Motorhome rental software must present 5 essential features to properly optimize motorhome rental. Here are the 5 options you need, in order to make the right choice:

  • – Planning: the motorhome rental software must present an interface and an intuitive planning, in order to give you a global vision and an optimal management of your activity. The motorhome rental market is naturally oriented towards short-term rental and tourism. So, make sure you can plan and edit a quote, a reservation, a contract, or an invoice in a few clicks via the planning of the motorhome rental solution. This planning system must share information with all of your teams or agencies to save time and efficiency.
  • – Online reservation: the motorhome rental management software must communicate with your website and take online reservations into account, customer areas or even sales. In order to meet growing digital demands, many motorhome rental companies are developing an online offer through the web. This ensures better visibility and facilitates exchanges and reservations.. The motorhome rental system must offer web services to synchronize this information and centralize all your activity within a single comprehensive management tool.
  • – Management of equipment and accessories: the motorhome rental software must allow the management of equipment and accessories rented simultaneously with the vehicle. Stove, barbecue, air cooler, Wi-Fi or GPS antenna are all accessories that allow you to increase your average basket and in the process, your turnover. Motorhome or van rental companies generate many benefits through these offers. Make sure that the motorhome rental management system takes these equipment into account.
  • – Inventory: the motorhome rental software must be compatible with an inventory application to make it easy returning the vehicle and avoid any hitches. We recommend compatibility with rentpad vehicle inventory app which allows you to carry out the departure and return inventory through a tablet, this includes interior and exterior of your motorhome. Simplify this step and ensure better monitoring of your activity through a motorhome rental solution which is compatible with the rentpad application.
  • – Digital signature: the motorhome rental management software must be able to automatically send the contract by email so that your customers can instantly validate it through a digital signature. From a smartphone or a computer, increase the mobility of your exchanges in complete safety. The customer experience will only be smoother due to the motorhome rental solution (not to mention the fact of reducing paperwork!).

How to download motorhome rental software?

It’s all well and good, but how do you download a motorhome rental software? Mostly, how do you download the right one? Choosing a management tool is an essential issue. Fortunately, there is a motorhome rental system which presents all the essential functions mentioned above: the myrentcar software! Developped by hitechsoftware, motorhome rental solution myrentcar is very easy to install. There is no downloading required! The motorhome rental software myrentcar is a SaaS web solution which can be accessed online through a web browser. Whether it’s through a phone, tablet, or computer, you can efficiently monitor and manage your motorhome rentals, in real time.


The hitechsoftware teams support you in starting the myrentcar solution by managing all of your information’s configuration. Managing a motorhome rental properly, means the digitization of activity. This is the reason why many motorhome and van rental companies have opted for the motorhome rental solution myrentcar, in order to boost the growth of their business. Be one step ahead and get a demonstration of the myrentcar motorhome rental management software, by filling out the form below!

Myrentcar solution optimizes your motorhome rental business