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How to choose my motorcycle management software?

How to choose my motorcycle management software?

How to choose my motorcycle management software to manage a garage, a fleet of vehicles or a two-wheelers, scooters and bikes rental business?


Motorcycle fleet managers, garage owners, dealers and two-wheeler rental companies all agree that optimizing their business with motorbike management software has considerably increased their turnover. However, how should you choose a motorcycle management solution when faced with an increasingly complete tech offering? How should you integrate this management tool into your IT system? In this article, we will decipher the motorcycle management applications market in order to discover how and why more and more professionals are opting for a fleet management software adapted to two-wheelers.

What are the advantages of a software to manage motorcycles?

The advantages of a software to manage motorcycles are extremely numerous. First of all, centralizing all the information of your company’s activity will allow you to gain time and in efficiency. An efficient motorbike management solution can connect with your website to take into account your online reservations or your network’s customer area. In addition, motorcycle management software ensures automatic scheduling, billing, accounting and management of your fleet and suppliers. Do you want to plan the maintenance or servicing of a scooter? Digitize an inventory of fixtures? Manage the payment of a two-wheeler rental? No more re-entering data and doubling up on paperwork, you will be able to manage all your company’s information on your motorcycle management application in a trice!


Beyond the centralization and automation of your computer system, you will find within a motorbike management software complete statistical and analysis tools to calculate the profitability of your company. Which scooters cost my company the most money? Which motorcycle makes me the most money? How much does my company spend per type of service? How is my turnover evolving? So many questions that will be answered thanks to a motorcycle management software that will help you in the management and the profitability of your activity while optimizing the TCO of your motorcycle fleet and therefore its resale price. Convinced by the advantages of a motorbike management application? All you have to do now is to identify your needs and choose the software package that will meet your budget and your expectations.

What are the motorcycle management needs?

Are your motorcycle management needs structural or operational? It is important to ask yourself this question because it will guide your choice of application. A free motorbike management software can indeed be just as suitable. If you are primarily looking for an ERP to centralize the information of your drivers and your two-wheelers (mileage, geolocation, fuel, etc.), then we recommend opting for a motorcycle management system that integrates and collects all this data. If you want a management solution to break down your expenses and monitor your costs and payments, then we recommend opting for a motorcycle management application that calculates the profitability of a motorcycle fleet and optimizes your turnover.


If your needs to manage a fleet of two-wheelers are both structural and operational, then it is highly recommended to download a motorcycle management software that will manage your information and analyze your activity. For this, there is the myrentcar motorbike management solution which has all the necessary features for scooter and motorcycle fleet management. This application helps many fleet managers and motorcycle rental companies to manage their business! But why is the myrentcar motorbike management system so attractive that it is now considered the benchmark in the two-wheeler management software market?

What is the best motorcycle management application?

Are you wondering what the best motorcycle management application is? The myrentcar software has been designed for motorcycle fleet management and two-wheeler rental. Myrentcar is a motorcycle management software in SaaS mode accessible everywhere on phone, tablet and computer that guarantees you a precise follow-up of your maintenance, your repairs or your fines. The hitech fleet management and rental specialists have made myrentcar an intuitive motorcycle management solution that allows you to edit your quotes, contracts and invoices with electronic signature via an interactive schedule. For example, the reservation of your motorcycle rental is completed? The invoice is automatically edited and sent to your customer directly from the myrentcar motorbike management software, which then centralizes all this information on the vehicle and associated driver’s file.


In addition to fleet tracking and two-wheeler rental, myrentcar’s motorcycle management software adapts to new trends and consumption patterns to support you in the digital transition of the market. Indeed, this solution is compatible with the clickygo car-sharing application, which allows you to make your motorcycles and scooters available for self-service in order to rent your vehicles 24 hours a day without having to go through a counter! The complete digitalization of your company with the myrentcar motorbike management application guarantees you to make your exchanges more fluid while considerably boosting your management and your growth. Now that you have the best choice, it is time to install the myrentcar motorcycle management software.

How should you download a motorcycle management software?

Downloading a motorcycle management software is done in several steps. First of all, the implementation of a motorbike management solution requires a configuration phase in order to integrate the information of your two-wheelers, layout your PDF documents and elaborate your pricing. The myrentcar motorcycle management software has a complete assistance service to help you through all the steps of downloading the software package. The myrentcar technical support guarantees that you will be able to start with everything you need in hand to manage your business. And since myrentcar is available directly online from a web browser, you do not need to download it! That’s why we recommend that you try it out for yourself. If like many motorcycle dealers and renters, you want to optimize your business with the myrentcar motorcycle management application, get a free demo below!

Optimize your two-wheeler fleet with myrentcar motorcycle management software