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How should I manage my vehicle suppliers?

How should I manage my vehicle suppliers?

Managing vehicle suppliers is a key step in managing fleet and car rentals. How should you go about it?


Optimizing car supplier management is essential to the growth and profitability of any car rental or fleet management company. This optimization requires that you manage the totality of your supliers’ activity: purchases, orders and even accounting with tools like myrentcar car rental software. Here is a review of the best tips for managing vehicle suppliers!

What is car supplier management?

Car supplier management includes all the transactions with a company specialized in the sale of vehicles and in particular the sale of batches of cars for professionals. The vehicle suppliers offer many models and brands going from the passenger car to the utility or the heavy truck while also including scooters and motorcycles which you can buy by batch or by unit. A supplier can also provide you with accessories, equipment, tires or other services. Managing car suppliers is therefore primarily intended for fleet managers, car rental companies and dealers, agents or garage owners. Thanks to a central purchasing office for cars for professionals, the purchase can be done physically or on the Internet with delivery. The optimization of orders, references and prices is thus one of the bases of any vehicle supplier management.

How to optimize vehicle supplier management?

Optimizing vehicle supplier management requires the installation and implementation of dedicated software. In order to simplify the daily life of rental companies and fleet managers, hitech has developed the online solution myrentcar. What is myrentcar? Accessible in SaaS mode simply from a web browser, whether you are on a phone or a computer, the myrentcar software allows you to manage car suppliers, from the order to the purchase through payment. In a few clicks, optimize and simplify the exchanges, operations, transactions and accounting exports of your future vehicles from a fast and ergonomic interface. Myrentcar centralizes and manages the entire supply chain, giving you access to all supplier data such as contact information, accounting information and purchases made from the supplier.


Managing vehicle suppliers with myrentcar software guarantees optimal management of all the cycles involved in the purchase of a car, a two-wheeler or a truck. The tools for calculating the accounting balance, accumulation and management of payments and financing support you in your decision-making! Importing or exporting information is easy and can be interfaced with management systems such as Sage, Ciel, Ebp or Cegid. Myrentcar is thus the ideal application for car supplier management optimization. Is that all it takes? No, because myrentcar allows you to manage your entire activity globally, car rentals and your car fleet. This is an important argument that should be taken into account when choosing a car supplier management software.

How to choose your car supplier management software?

Do you know which functionalities to take into account when choosing your car supplier management software? Of course, the most important are the elements for managing your suppliers, orders, operations, payments and accounting! But how should this car supplier management ERP integrate with your IT system? Getting all your information to communicate is not always easy with your other tools in place! What if you had a global software package that manages your entire business? This is exactly what the myrentcar web solution guarantees, designed for rental professionals, dealers and fleet managers!


Compatible with the credalis finance management software, the myrentcar app accompanies you everywhere and on any support in the car supplier management but also in the planning, invoicing and accounting of your activity. Creating a reservation, a quote or a contract from the schedule is done in a few clicks, as is editing and sending an invoice automatically by email with digital signature. The myrentcar management solution has all the tools you need to fully digitalize your business, from vehicle supplier management to tablet-based inventory reports and car-sharing.


It is not for nothing that many rental and fleet management companies have chosen myrentcar to efficiently manage their business and their car suppliers: the solution was designed with you in mind! When you start using myrentcar, your information is automatically set up by the application’s support team so that you can start with all the tools you need to optimize car supplier management and your entire business! Structure your management and increase your turnover by asking for a free demo of the myrentcar software now via the form below.

Myrentcar software manages your vehicle suppliers as well as the rest of your business