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How do I manage inventory for a car rental?

How do I manage inventory for a car rental?

How should you manage the inventory of a car rental business and optimize your inventory of fixtures with tools tailored to your fleet?


Are you a fleet manager or a car, motorcycle, van, truck or any other type of vehicle rental company? You are wondering how to facilitate the inventory of a car rental? You are in the right place! The inventory of a vehicle is indeed an essential step to manage your company that should not be neglected during the inventory. Let’s have a look together at how you should optimize the inventory of a car rental with a few tips and a car inventory application.

Why check the inventory during a vehicle rental?

When a company rents a car, it is extremely important to check the inventory of a car rental. Why? Losing or damaging your company’s assets is always detrimental to the management and financial health of your business. The checklist of all the accessories and equipment when handing over the keys allows you simply to make sure the car is returned in good condition. This step must be carried out during the inventory of fixtures and fittings of your car, two-wheeler, bicycle, utility or truck. Once the inventory of fixtures has been carried out, it is also essential to have the document validated by your customer in order to protect yourself from any disputes and to guarantee that your fleet remains profitable.

How to carry out a car rental checklist?

Are you wondering how to carry out a car rental checklist? Start by listing all your accessories and then list the vehicles associated with them. This goes without saying, but it is mandatory that the papers, a jack, a safety kit and a spare tire be present at the departure and when the car is returned. The inspection of the vehicle is carried out during the inventory of fixtures on departure and when the vehicle is returned and must be validated by your client. This step can also include the rental of additional equipment and materials if you are renting a GPS, a rearview camera or a tailgate elevator in the case of a van rental. To do so, there are car rental inventory software that dematerialize and optimize fleet management and checklists.

How to simplify the inventory of a car rental?

To simplify the inventory of a car rental it is recommended to use an application dedicated to rental and fleet management professionals. Rentpad’s inventory app has been designed for companies in order to perform the checklist of a car rental and to carry out your interior and exterior inventories. Rentpad is an inventory application on a tablet that has all the features necessary for fleet management: sketch of the vehicle’s condition, photos of any bumps and scratches, mileage and fuel control, inventory, tracking invoices, recording claim files or even sending the inventory in PDF format by email instantaneously with photographs and electronic signature.


The rentpad automatic inventory system has many advantages to simplify the inventory of a company’s vehicle rental. Indeed, this beneficial follow-up tool offers significant time savings for your customers and your staff. In addition, the rentpad tablet application dematerializes your inventory reliably to reduce the number of litigations while optimizing your transactions, the follow-up of your car fleet and the profitability of your fleet. However, a complete inventory application is not enough to manage the inventory of a rental car. It is therefore essential to ensure the inventories you carry out are integrated and communicated to your IT system and your management tools.

How should you choose a car rental inventory app?

The essential element that must guide the choice of a car rental inventory app is its compatibility with your management software. Indeed, synchronizing the inventory of a car fleet with your computer system guarantees a better follow-up and a better management of your fleet. This allows you to easily find your statements in PDF format or the equipment associated with a particular vehicle or rental. Fortunately, the rentpad vehicle inventory application is compatible with the myrentcar car rental software used by many rental companies and fleet managers. What is myrentcar? Developed by software publisher hitech, myrentcar is a SaaS-based management solution accessible on smartphones and computers that optimizes all the cycles of the short-term rental, leasing and fleet management business. With its planning and intuitive interface, myrentcar guarantees the profitability of short term car rentals and long term leases thanks to a complete follow-up and an accurate analysis of your activity.


The myrentcar software takes into account the inventory of fixtures of the rentpad application in order to digitalize and centralize the information of your vehicles. For example, if the inventory on rentpad indicates damage or extra kilometers, you can invoice your customer directly from myrentcar. Whether you want to plan your car rentals, create quotes and contracts with digital signatures, manage your invoicing and accounting, or manage your maintenance, financing or parking tickets, you will find the right software for your needs in myrentcar. It is not for nothing that the rentpad vehicle checklist application and the myrentcar ERP have been adopted by many companies such as Benalu, DLM, France Cars and Tractafric. We therefore recommend you download and try the rentpad app with myrentcar to optimize your car inventory and simplify the daily life of your customers and employees.

The rentpad application carries out the inventory of fixtures of your vehicles on tablet