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How to manage the connected cars rental?

How to manage the connected cars rental?

Managing connected cars rental requires the use of dedicated applications and software! How can you make the right choice?


Car sharing and connected car rental management is a growing trend and is gradually becoming the future of car rental. Indeed, the connected car rental market, also known as carsharing, is being driven by global urbanization trends. To this end, more and more rental companies and fleet managers are equipping their fleets with solutions such as the car sharing application clickygo. Do you want to connect your fleet to self-service? Here are our tips and tricks for optimizing connected car rental management.

What is connected car rental?

The connected car rental and any other self-service car, is a service in which a company puts its cars at the disposal of users. The advantage? To allow 24-hour rental and 7 days a week without going through a counter or an agency! Practical, fast and economical, connected car rental allows your users to reserve and return your cars in self-service, day and night. But how does connected car rental work? Using a computer system that allows an application to connect to the car’s connected box, the user can reserve a connected car nearby at any time!


Convenient and easy to use, managing connected car rental allows companies to boost bookings and visibility. No exchange of keys, no travel, rentees are autonomous and the application takes care of the entire management of the connected car rental. Drivers are naturally subject to verification of their identity and driver’s license in every detail to limit risks. Connected car rental is thus a win-win business model for the rentees and the user!

Which connected car rental app should you choose?

Before jumping into self-service car rental, it’s important to choose your connected car rental app carefully. How do you do that? By clearly identifying your needs! What target do you want to reach with connected car rentals? Do you want to your fleet to be managed by an external network or do you prefer to retain your current customer and user portfolio with connected car rental 24/7? In the latter case, there is the clickygo connected car rental application, specially designed for professionals and fleet managers.


Clickygo is a connected car rental application available on Android smartphones and iOS iPhones that allows you to rent your cars in self-service at any time without going through your company’s counter. The user validates the connected car rental simply from his phone, performs the inventory of fixtures inside and outside and is free to move around. Clickygo then automatically calculates the cost of the reservation, the trip, the fuel, the mileage and the insurance! Once the connected car rental is complete, the driver completes the return inspection, locks the car and pays automatically and securely with his smartphone. But how do you connect a fleet of cars to use the clickygo connected car rental application?

How to connect the car rental?

It is imperative to connect car rental before offering a car-sharing and self-service fleet. Fortunately, the connected car rental app clickygo has a comprehensive offering that includes connected boxes that will help connect the car rental. What is a connected box? Like any connected object, a connected box is capable of receiving and transmitting information on its status and position, particularly with an external interface or a telephone. These boxes analyse the car in real time and geolocate it. It is an essential element of connected car rental.


If your cars are not already equipped with such devices, you can easily install the connected boxes supplied with clickygo in your cars and simply connect them to the application to enable secure opening and use of your cars 24 hours a day without a key. In just a few minutes, clickygo allows you to connect your car rental. What happens next? The clickygo app takes care of guiding renters from the time they book to the end of their rental. And that’s not all. The strength of the clickygo connected car rental app also lies in its total compatibility with the myrentcar car rental software, to optimize your car fleet!

How to monitor the connected car rentals?

The myrentcar software allows you to efficiently manage your fleet and monitor the connected car rentals. Accessible online simply from a browser, this SaaS solution developed by hitechsoftware allows you to manage your entire fleet, wherever you are. Thanks to its numerous functionalities, the myrentcar software centralizes all the information from the clickygo connected car rental application and ensures the management of both classic and self-service car rentals. From an intuitive interface and schedule, monitoring your connected car rental has never been so easy!


Myrentcar is a complete fleet management and analysis system that integrates perfectly with your existing IT system and website. From geolocation to maintenance management to TCO optimization of your fleet, you will find in myrentcar a complete tool to help you manage your connected car rental and much more. If you are a professional, we highly recommend connecting your fleet with the clickygo connected car rental application in order to build loyalty among your users and effectively monitor the status of your fleet in real time from myrentcar. Get a free demonstration of the clickygo app and myrentcar by filling out the form below to take a step into the rental world of tomorrow!

Myrentcar is a complete tool to help you manage your connected car rental