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How should you manage a car-sharing fleet?

How should you manage a car-sharing fleet?

This article will provide you with the best possible advice to manage a car-sharing fleet and optimize a self-service connected car fleet.


While the car rental market is booming, boosted by a change in consumption habits and a desire to protect the environment, hitechsoftware assists car fleet managers manage their car-sharing fleets. With the clickygo car-sharing application, car rental companies and fleet managers are able to make their vehicles available 24/7 to customers while at the same time making it easy for them to manage a car-sharing fleet by providing support at each key area of the business.

What does it mean to manage a car-sharing fleet?

Car-sharing fleet management has been a growing trend for several years. Vehicle are used increasingly as a service and no longer as an owned product. Vehicle rental is experiencing an unprecedented boom, ranging from short-term rentals for a few days to local use for a few hours, and has therefore entered a new era: that of car-sharing fleet management, also known as Vaas, Vehicle as a Service. Managing a car-sharing fleet includes managing connected cars and self-service vehicles. These can be used easily by your users 24/7 from a phone application.


The clickygo car-sharing application offers professionals the possibility to manage a car-sharing fleet and provide their users with cars at any time of the day, regardless of the day of the week. From the clickygo app, customers can check the availability of a vehicle, make a reservation, perform an inventory, unlock the vehicle and pay for the rental without having to go to an agency counter. This is a key tool for car-sharing fleet management. “Hitechsoftware was the first to position itself on the APIs that enable websites to connect with management software,” explains Philippe Passade, director of Hitech. “Today, the car rental business will experience a similar evolution with connected vehicles.”

How should you optimize a car-sharing fleet?

The clickygo application was designed to optimize a car-sharing fleet and offers multiple advantages for car rental companies and fleet managers. By allowing greater availability to their customers, car rental companies can achieve far greater profitability figures, optimize their car-sharing fleet management and provide better customer service. From reservation to return cars, the clikygo app offers professionals a considerable amount of flexibility in managing a car-sharing fleet thanks to a digital service fully available online. Once the vehicle is selected on the map, clickygo calculates the rate according to the time and services booked. The inventory of fixtures carried out by the user at the beginning and end of the rental period can be done by taking photos, it also opens and closes the vehicle.


The strength of clickygo lies in its compatibility with the online solution myrentcar, which optimizes car-sharing rentals and fleet management. Myrentcar is a software program that allows you to manage and plan your activity, including invoicing, accounting, maintenance management and even parking tickets. By coupling the back office of the myrentcar car rental software with clickygo, professionals benefit from a complete offer to centralize and optimize a car-sharing fleet. The integration of the clickygo application also allows them to monitor the entire user journey thanks to the on-board devices on the vehicles.

How should you choose a car-sharing fleet management application?

It is important to choose the right car-sharing fleet management application. The myrentcar management software and its car-sharing application clickygo have been designed to meet all the needs of companies in the industry. With more than 100 myrentcar customers fitted in 3 years, including three market leaders (France Cars, DLM and a specialized retailer), hitech has already won over professionals in the sector to manage a car-sharing fleet: “The myrentcar product meets the business needs of France Cars and is our main application,” says Sanna Daalder, Senior Manager Data and Business Intelligence at Avis Budget. “The product has the maturity to meet our needs and we have an excellent relationship full of confidence with the hitechsoftware team.


“The hitechsoftware team takes the time to listen to our needs and requests, and studies them in order to provide us with the best solutions. Myrentcar and hitech’s expertise allow us to have visibility on future projects and the implementation of tools connected to myrentcar”, adds Maxime Hellemans, IT Manager at France Cars. This is why myrentcar is the reference software for car-sharing and rental fleet management. If you too would like to optimize your business and manage a car-sharing fleet easily with myrentcar and clickygo, book your demo below!

Myrentcar and clickygo solutions improve carsharing fleet management considerably