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How should you manage car rental drivers?

How should you manage car rental drivers?

How should you manage car rental drivers and guarantee optimal customer follow-up with dedicated management software?


For vehicle rental companies, transport companies and fleet managers, car rental driver management has a significant impact on turnover. Indeed, correctly following up on customers enables you to optimize your fleet and to guarantee optimal traceability of the transactions with your customers, your drivers or your chauffeurs! Therefore, it is important to equip yourself with the right tools such as the myrentcar car rental management software to ensure your car rental drivers are managed correctly! Let’s dive into the topic.

What is driver management in car rental?

Driver management in car rental encompasses many parameters. From personal information and documents to rental history and geolocation, it is essential for a rental or transport company to have a complete follow-up of these data points. The car fleet driver management involves as much the renting of cars, trucks and other industrial vehicles in short or long term renting and should not be neglected to boost the growth of your company and optimize its performances.

Why optimize car rental driver management?

Optimizing car driver management or for truck rentals enables you to better identify the customers and personnel assigned to your vehicles in order to keep control of your fleet. Indeed, this optimization guarantees a better follow-up of the state and the localization of your vehicles while taking into account the mileage, the fuel and the insurance of being able to reattribute fines and possible damage. Also, car rental driver management will allow you to quickly calculate the profitability and the turnover generated by your drivers in order to accompany you in your decision making and your investments.


This is not all because managing fleet drivers also helps the communication of your rental and transport company. Indeed, having a solid and updated database will allow you to target your marketing actions for each type of customer from your CRM! For example, do you want to send a SMS or e-mail campaign to a specific type of customer? It’s possible! Whatever your size, standardizing your customer management processes, drivers and chauffeurs will save you time and ultimately make you more efficient. However, it is necessary to equip yourself with an adequate management solution for the car rental driver management.

How to choose your driver management software?

Choosing a driver management software is an important step in the development and structuring of a company. In order to meet all the needs of the rental and transport sector, hitech has developed the myrentcar fleet driver management software. What is the myrentcar solution? Accessible in SaaS mode from a browser, whether you’re on a smartphone or a computer, the myrentcar application will allow you to fully monitor your drivers, their customer and vehicle information. Compatible with the rentpad car inventory application and numerous geolocation tools, myrentcar allows you to maintain optimal control of your fleet and your drivers and to quickly calculate their profitability.


Controlling your customer accounts, their position, parking tickets, the rental checklist and invoicing accordingly is possible from the myrentcar driver management software! Is that all? No, because the myrentcar software package and ERP also includes an intuitive planning tool to easily edit your quotes, contracts or invoices with electronic signature to plan your maintenance, servicing and technical inspections. The myrentcar driver management software centralizes all your information. From rental management to payment and accounting, you will find in myrentcar a complete tool to optimize and make your business more profitable. Like Benalu, Legras Industries or France Cars, we recommend that you request your free demo of myrentcar by filling the form below.

The myrentcar software guarantees an optimal follow-up of your drivers and much more!