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How should you manage car orders?

How should you manage car orders?

Are you planning to order a vehicle and want to improve how you manage car orders? Here are some tips!


Being a fleet manager or car rental company naturally implies having to manage vehicle orders! Does this step of the business a particular pain point? Don’t panic, your company’s orders can be greatly facilitated with the implementation of a car rental software like myrentcar. So, let’s take a quick look at how to optimize car oder management!

What is a vehicle order?

As the name implies, ordering a vehicle means ordering a car, a sedan, a utility vehicle or a truck from a dealer or a car manufacturer. How should you go about it? Find out more about the vehicle vendor and supplier of your choice and compare them in order to obtain the most advantageous conditions and rates for your company. There are different payment methods and financing models such as direct purchase or leasing. Ordering multiple vehicles will allow you to benefit from interesting discounts. This financial and administrative balance should not be underestimated in order to grow your company efficiently. Once the car order has been placed, it is now time to move on to managing it!

How should you optimize car order management?

Optimizing car order management requires the implementation of a dedicated tool that adapts to your activity. The myrentcar software has been designed for car rental and fleet management industries. Accessible as a SaaS product from a web browser, whether you are on a phone or a computer, the myrentcar application centralizes all your information and the management of your car orders. How does it work? Add and manage your suppliers, your vehicles by model and category, and above all the owner agencies from an intuitive interface configured according to user profiles.


In just a few clicks, the myrentcar online solution allows you to manage vehicle orders with the planned order and reception dates, quantities, prices as well as their options, delivery location and any cancellations. Once the car order has been placed and the purchase order has been issued, you can track the status and payment of the order, regardless of the method used for financing, direct purchase or leasing. Easily and efficiently, the myrentcar software helps you optimize the management of vehicle orders as well as all leasing cycles and the specificities of your fleet. An undeniable asset that must be taken into account in your search for car ordering software.

How should you choose your vehicle order management software?

The choice of a car order management software must first and foremost be driven by its integration within your IT system. Ask yourself the right questions: what is the real benefit of a car order management software if it does not communicate with all my other tools? The myrentcar ERP developed by hitech has all the functionalities you need to effectively manage your rental and fleet business. From short and long term planning to invoicing, accounting, maintenance and financing, myrentcar is a car ordering software that centralizes and manages all your data.


Ideal for car orders, the myrentcar solution is also compatible with the credalis financing management software to improve the financial management of your vehicles, equipment and materials. Intuitive and easy to access, the credalis module associated with myrentcar allows you to find and analyze in detail your allocations and the financial balance of your vehicles! The profitability and growth of your company are closely linked to your calculation methods. Credalis guarantees the optimization of your accounting, the tallying with bank deductions, the mandatory tax statements, the simulations and even helps you manage the schedules with calculation of the remaining capital owed.


The automatic integration of your financing and orders, the optimization of margins, the management of your bank commitments and the complete analysis of your financial health via the myrentcar management system will help you save time and increase efficiency. It is not for nothing that many rental companies and fleet managers such as France Cars, DLM or Avis have opted for myrentcar software to manage their vehicle orders and to run their companies. The good news is that you can try out these tools and get a free demo by filling out the form below!

The myrentcar software manages your vehicle orders and all your business!