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How to manage car maintenance?

How to manage car maintenance?

How to manage car maintenance with fleet management software and applications tailored to your company? Here are some tips.


Managing car maintenance requires a rigorous follow-up of your car fleet. Mileage, insurance, fuel, tires and vehicle registration are all parameters to take into account to simplify car maintenance management. How can you centralize this information to your garage and optimize the longevity of your fleet? There are solutions and systems to manage car maintenance such as the myrentcar car rental software. Let’s see together how to optimize the management of car maintenance and of a car fleet with the right tools.

Why manage the maintenance of a fleet?

Why manage the maintenance of a fleet when my fleet seems to be doing just fine? It’s very simple: managing the maintenance of a fleet of vehicles will allow you to optimize your entire activity, in addition to greatly facilitating the daily life of your teams and your mechanic. How to do it? Scheduling regular vehicle maintenance and servicing has many advantages. Firstly, regular fleet maintenance management increases the life of your cars and maximizes the resale price. Secondly, fleet maintenance management reduces the risk of breakdowns or accidents and ensures the safety of drivers.


Rigorous management of the maintenance of a car fleet avoids having poorly maintained cars. These poorly maintained vehicles can generate additional garage or insurance costs. Moreover, the immobilization of a car has a great impact on the operational productivity and the finances of your company. It is then imperative to limit these setbacks with a good management of the maintenance of a car fleet. How can you do this? The centralization, planning, follow-up and management of this data requires the installation of a car maintenance software. Based on its experience, hitechsoftware has developed the myrentcar management solution to manage car maintenance efficiently, and much more!

How does car maintenance software work?

The myrentcar car maintenance software works in a very simple and secure way. Myrentcar is a SaaS-based management solution that is easily accessible on computers, phones and tablets. The myrentcar car maintenance software centralizes all the specifics of your car fleet and allows you to plan and automate your various alerts, maintenance and servicing in a few clicks from an intuitive interface. The comprehensive analysis and reporting tools of the myrentcar car maintenance software quickly calculate the profitability of each car and support you in your decision-making.


All of the management tools necessary for the health of your fleet are included in the myrentcar software: claims management, vehicle inventory application, automatic alerts, management of fines or purchases and mileage control are all features designed to make your daily life easier. Thanks to its accessibility and its many options, many rental companies and fleet managers have opted for myrentcar to monitor their business. However, planning and managing your cars’ maintenance is not enough, it is also important to manage the costs.

How to manage fleet maintenance costs?

The myrentcar software allows you to manage fleet maintenance costs of a fleet efficiently. Whether it’s repairing a vehicle after a disaster, routine fleet maintenance, management of various operating costs or administrative and financial costs, myrentcar’s car maintenance software ensures the traceability of all the fleet’s costs  in order to access a detailed analysis of the profitability and condition of your fleet. How does it work? The internal purchase management of the car maintenance software is based on operations linked or not to vehicles, whereas the external purchase order will involve the notion of supplier.


In order to manage purchases in the myrentcar car maintenance management software, whether for external or internal purchases, you will be able to create quote orders which can then be transformed into purchase orders. From a purchase order, you can automatically duplicate it one or more times. This allows you to track the impact of recurring expenses without having to re-enter or import additional files if the value is linear. Finally, the cost lines will be integrated into the vehicle file of the myrentcar car maintenance software, which centralizes all of its information and history.


In addition, the purchase management of the myrentcar car maintenance software records all maintenance operations that may be related to vehicles or any other general expenses. This makes it possible to automatically generate accounting entries for purchases, to monitor vehicle maintenance statistics with a financial balance sheet and to add all the details of services, whether or not they are valued, to the vehicle file. As you can see, myrentcar is the ideal software for managing car maintenance and all its costs! If you wish to optimize car maintenance management with myrentcar, please fill in the form below to receive a demo.

Myrentcar software centralizes and manages all the specifics of your car fleet