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Choosing a long-term quotation software

Choosing a long-term quotation software

It is essential to choose the right long-term quotation software on which to base your long-term leasing activity.


The choice of an automated tool for calculating long-term rental quotes is an essential step in the proper development of your long-term vehicle rental business and its digital transition. To accompany you and help you choose the ideal solution; the elements to take into account when selecting a long-term quotation software has been structured in 3 three key areas.

The usefulness of a long-term quotation system

The usefulness of a long-term quotation system no longer needs to be demonstrated, as this tool has become indispensable to the development of a long-term rental company. The long-term quotation system allows quick access to information according to various criteria (status of the offer, client, brand and model, date and duration, etc.) and to calculate a tailored budget.


Based on our customer experience, the success of a leasing company is linked to how it manages its calculation method. Variables are constantly being tailored to meet user expectations and it is therefore obvious that the long-term quotation software must include a wide range of customizations for each implementation.


An efficient long-term quotation system is therefore fully tailored with an import function to retrieve existing formulas. The parameters are defined via a configuration tool. In addition to this import function, the long-term quotation software offers the possibility to create several quotation templates by customizing each quotation parameter field.


A long-term quotation system thus demonstrates its added value when a quotation is approved, automatically creating the corresponding long-term rental contract. The contract collects all the data related to the terms and conditions and the lease contract, considering the make and model of the vehicle, maintenance services, vehicle replacement or financial details. Once the contract is up and running, it is then possible to set up and automate invoicing according to the conditions.

The 7 parameters a long-term quotation software must take into account

Choosing the right long-term quotation software means above all choosing a tool that takes into account the parameters required for a long-term rental business. Here are 7 essential parameters that any good long-term quotation tool must take into account in order to calculate an accurate and personalized monthly budget.


Selection and creation of new customer files: it may seem obvious, but the long-term quotation system must first allow a simple and intuitive selection and creation of customer files. This will greatly facilitate the search and selection of customer accounts to get the information you are looking for quickly and efficiently.


Selection of an existing quotation: as for your customers, the selection and search of existing quotations on your long-term quotation software must be just as easy. Of course, it should be possible to make changes to your long-term rental quotes to save time for both software users and rental companies.


Vehicle details: Vehicle details such as make, model or general information (mileage, value, date of purchase, …) must be detailed on an accessible vehicle reference sheet. This will allow this data to be considered in the calculation of a fair monthly budget.


List of options and accessories: you must be able to create a complete and detailed list of options and accessories via the long-term quotation software.


General quote details: General quotation details such as maintenance contract, tyres, replacement and residual value should also be able to be added.


Financial details: Highly important, the various financial details concerning the free, the deposit, the payment on delivery or the first rent must imperatively be taken into account.


Quotation calculation and result: once all these parameters are fully integrated, the long-term quotation software must be able to quickly calculate and instantly send the customer a fair and tailored monthly budget.

The software publisher of a long-term quotation tool

Choosing a long-term quotation tool also means trusting a software publisher. This one will accompany you in the implementation of your data and show you how to use the tool with tailored training. It is therefore not advisable to take this last point lightly because the quality of the technical support and maintenance are key elements to consider in the proper use and configuration of a software. How will the software publisher ensure the customer relationship and follow-up? An excellent question you should ask yourself. At hitechsoftware, we are proud to be able to count on our stability and the quality of our services to support the development of more than 4000 vehicle rental companies.


Thanks to a competent team of experts and many years of experience, hitechsoftware has developed a long-term quotation tool that is compatible with the online vehicle rental software myrentcar. This intelligent system greatly optimizes long-term business. The quotelio long-term quotation tool allows you to quickly calculate and send the customer a monthly budget that takes into consideration all the above-mentioned features and parameters. The quotelio long-term quotation software also allows the integration of complex calculation formulas and allows for customized document design and configuration. Naturally, a complete statistical follow-up of your quotes is available via this tool. Do not wait any longer to contact our responsive team for solutions tailored to your rental activity. Find more information about our long-term quotation tool.

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