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Interview with Clementine, Business Developer at Swikly

Interview with Clementine, Business Developer at Swikly

Interview with Clementine Varenne, Business Developer at Swikly, the online deposit solution compatible with the myrentcar software.


Today, we dive into the world of vehicle rental deposits with Clémentine Varenne from Swikly, an essential partner of the myrentcar car rental software. Together, we will explore how this collaboration brings simplicity, security and innovation to rental companies through perfect synergy between our solutions.

Clementine, can you introduce yourself and Swikly?

I am Clementine Varenne, I am in charge of business development for the vehicle rental part and other activities at Swikly. Swikly’s observation is that today, there is no simple way to secure a deposit without impacting the bank limit or debiting your customer’s bank card. Most rental companies use pre-authorization. The major problem encountered by professionals is the blocking of funds on the customers’ card. Sometimes, for fear of missing a sale, some rental companies take the risk of not securing a security deposit.


Swikly helps meet this market need! The platform is 100% online, which allows you to send your deposit requests by email or SMS. Our solution is fully automated with our partner ERPs. Big advantage for the professional: this frees up time for their teams! In addition to this, we take care of managing collections and possible disputes with your customers. Thus, the management of security deposits is no longer a burden for the manager and his teams.

Can you tell us about Swikly’s collaboration with hitech?

Of course ! We met the hitech teams in 2019 thanks to a mutual client who was experiencing a significant problem regarding the management of these security deposits. Through discussions, we quickly realized that our two tools presented significant synergy potential and that the integration between our two entities would be a real advantage for our common clients. Today, we are proud to say that Swikly is fully integrated with the myrentcar car rental software and we are working daily to improve the integration through customer feedback!

How does the partnership between Swikly and hitech make the daily lives of professional rental companies easier?

A big time saver! The integration between Swikly and hitech’s myrentcar vehicle rental software makes it possible to automate the sending of deposit requests for each reservation. The deposit is secured using a link which is automatically sent to the customer via myrentcar a few days before the start of their reservation. When the customer secures their deposit, the information is updated directly in myrentcar. Subsequently, the deposit automatically expires if it is not cashed.


If the security deposit is collected, Swikly takes care of the entire collection procedure until the funds are returned. This allows your teams to save time and concentrate on their core business. The anxiety-inducing and time-consuming management of security deposits is no longer a subject for the rental companies who call on us. Vehicle rental professionals already have busy days! This is a considerable time saver for them.

What are the advantages of Swikly for individuals?

For individuals, the Swikly solution is very easy to use, secure and reliable. The amount of the security deposit does not reach its bank limit so its purchasing power is preserved. In addition, the security is done before the reservation, he can deposit his deposit with complete peace of mind at home. On the day of rental, all formalities are completed, all you have to do is collect the keys to your vehicle. This also saves him time. Finally, Swikly is by their side during their security journey, if they have the slightest question or need help. This significantly improves the customer experience offered by the rental company.

An anecdote about Swikly to share?

We have customers in over 36 countries!

How to contact Swikly?

I will be happy to tell you more about the service and offer you our tailor-made solutions. You can set an appointment in my calendar by clicking on the following link: make an appointment with Swikly.

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Myrentcar vehicle rental software compatible with Swikly makes deposit management easier