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How to install a car rental software?

How to install a car rental software?

Installing a car rental software is important for car rental companies and fleet managers. How to do so?


Managing a car rental in an efficient manner requires a dedicated software, which is integrated into your computer system, that relies on internal and external sources. This car rental software must centralize all your information and process your data, through automatically updated key indicators. Car and fleet rental management is synonymous with specific challenges such as taking mileage, fuel, discounts, fines or even maintenance and servicing into account. Therefore, it is important to choose a car rental solution that can manage all of these factors. In order to meet all the requirements of rental companies, the myrentcar car rental software has been developed to manage and optimize all these business specifics. But how to install the myrentcar car rental software?

What is car rental management software?

The car rental management software centralizes and manages all the information which is specific to car rental and fleet management. The myrentcar car rental solution is now considered as the benchmark for many rental companies. Web cloud solution can be accessed through the computer, tablet, and smartphone, the myrentcar car rental software allows you to manage the entire car rental cycle, right from booking to invoicing not to mention, accounting. Sharing information and exchanges are also greatly facilitated through the online storage of your documents and electronic signature.


It is compatible with rentpad car inventory report, the myrentcar car rental software has been designed to digitize your entire rental activity. Myrentcar adapts to the requirements and challenges of all car rental types. Therefore, short-term rental is managed through an ergonomic planning, while the management of long-term rental and leasing is carried out through files. LLD in real time, listing of your quotes and management of your costs and financing. All the features of the myrentcar car rental solution can be configured depending on the user’s profile, to save time and increase productivity while managing your business. The myrentcar car rental software provides you with a comprehensive analysis and reporting tools, which helps you properly calculate your turnover and profitability.

Why download a car rental software?

Downloading car rental software is important to centralize all of your business information and optimize vehicle rental. Hitechsoftware has therefore developed the myrentcar car rental software with an intuitive interface and agenda and it facilitates its installation and use. Thirty years of experience in network infrastructures and in business management turn hitechsoftware into a privileged interlocutor to analyse your requirements and install the car rental software.


This is the reason why we offer auditing your information system, in addition to the installation of the myrentcar car rental software. The latter is carried out by an expert who has a solid experience, this audit shall help you rethink your organization, specify your requirements, and choose the best car rental solution which is in keeping with your structure and your expectations (settings, data recovery, integration in your IS). Therefore, you benefit from a precise and personalized analysis of your future installation not to mention, optimal management of the investments which need to be carried out.


Whether this concerns a start-up or throughout the car rental software use, a new installed module, or the need to improve, hitechsoftware sets up on-site and remote training. We make it easy to set up myrentcar car rental management software for your business by preparing, implementing and closely monitoring your car rental software installation, which is part of the support.

How to integrate a car rental software?

You are probably wondering how to integrate car rental software? Today, the majority of your customers are more and more connected, nomadic, or sedentary, but most of all they are looking for advice and purchasing in a simple and fast way on the internet. Therefore, it is extremely important that car rental software is compatible with the entire computer system and online platforms, used by a rental company or a fleet manager, to centralize all this information.


Online reservations, customer area consultation or the sale of used equipment and cars via your website, allow you to optimize your car fleet management, increase the visibility of your offer and assert your presence on the Internet. Through the help of web services, you can freely include the operating parameters on your website which favour functional and practical navigation: selection of an agency, choice of car or equipment category, monitoring the customer contract, prices, etc. The data selected by the customer will be integrated and updated directly in your myrentcar car rental management solution. Therefore, you remain in control of your data on a centralized and secure tool, in addition to offering a genuine service to your customers.


Myrentcar car rental management software is compatible with:

  • – Accounting and financial management software
  • – Business intelligence tools
  • – Embedded systems: telematics, geolocation
  • – APIs/websites
  • – ERP/business solutions
  • – Information feedback and exchanges

How to get a car rental software demo?

Getting a demo of the myrentcar car rental software is super easy! You just have to fill out the form below to test out its functionalities and plan your beginning together on the myrentcar car rental solution.

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