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How to set up remote work schemes in a car rental company?

How to set up remote work schemes in a car rental company?

Setting up remote work in a car rental company is challenging. Our tips in the following article will help rental companies set up working from home schemes.


Working from home is becoming more and more popular and the rental sector is no exception. Working remotely is a model that is now proving its worth and is imposed in complicated situations such as the containment period following the coronavirus. However, car rental is a complex activity that often requires a mandatory presence on the premises to carry out an inventory of fixtures or hand over the keys to customers. These limitations can influence or even prevent working remotely in car rental companies. However, there are methods used in many rental companies to allow certain employees to work remotely. We will provide you with our analysis and advice on how to work remotely in the vehicle rental industry.

What is working remotely in a vehicle rental company?

Working remotely in the vehicle rental industry consists of staying at home to work and respond to internal and customer requests directly from there. The definition of working remotely describes this model as a professional activity carried out at a distance from a company using telecommunication tools. All employees whose workstation is compatible with working remotely can work from home if the employer agrees or the situation requires it in extreme circumstances. An employee working from home has the same rights as other employees performing their work on the premises of the rental company.


In the case of a vehicle rental company, whether it is a scooter, motorcycle, car, truck or any other category, this way of working can be difficult to set up. However, in some jobs within a company, it is indeed possible toset up a working from home scheme within the car rental industry. These job functions need to be flexible. For example, an employee working in accounting, administration or customer support can work directly from home in vehicle rental with the right tools.


The jobs compatible with working remotely in vehicle rental and outside company premises must be equipped with computer systems that ensure the same task management. In the best-case scenario, these tools can even increase productivity by simplifying and automating the actions and missions to be carried out. The digitalization of rental companies is therefore a real driver for the future in order to adapt to the changing world of the workplace and to anticipate potential health or economic crises such as the Covid-19 crisis. But what IT tools and systems should rental companies put in place?

Simple software tools tailored for working remotely in the vehicle rental business

There are many easy-to-use software tools available and adapted to do work remotely in car rental. These various applications can be categorized into communication tools, planning tools and management tools. All of them must be connected to the internet to allow synchronization and centralization of data and files in real time to facilitate information sharing. These are the bases of all tools dedicated to working remotely in vehicle rental for optimal management of the activity.


Productive remote work requires above all great communication between teams to clarify and share the workload of current projects that vehicle rental companies have going on. Thus, the communication tools for carrying out remote work in the vehicle rental sector will be more or less the same as for all other sectors. Microsoft Teams, Zoom or Google Meet are perfect examples of solutions adapted to online videoconferencing and document sharing. Accessible and practical, these teamwork platforms will help you save precious time by collaborating from home without compromising the confidentiality and security of your information. Ideal for working remotely in vehicle rental. All that remains is to adopt an online planning and management tool. Fortunately, there is one specifically designed for vehicle rental companies.

Facilitating telecommuting in car rental with myrentcar software

The car rental software myrentcar has been developed to optimize and facilitate working remotely in vehicle rental. This rental solution optimizes in real-time the management and planning of your activity. Created by hitechsoftware, experts in rental for over thirty years, the myrentcar online solution has a common schedule that will allow you to see at a glance which vehicle in your fleet is available for rental. Booking, extending and electronically invoicing a rental contract is just a click away and all your employees are able to access the information. In addition, the myrentcar rental software can synchronize with your website and displays reservations made directly from the web using our online rental booking system. This greatly simplifies the management of your customers and your fleet from the comfort of your own home.


In order to meet the mobility challenges of the sector and to enable working remotely in the vehicle rental business, the myrentcar rental management system is accessible on computer, tablet and smartphone via the cloud. A simple internet connection on our application is enough for vehicle rental companies to directly access the software to work remotely! Numerous reports and analysis centers are also available to enable you to efficiently manage your rental activity. You thus have in real time the evolution of your rental company thanks to many figures and smart statistics helping you maximize profitability. Thanks to myrentcar, stay connected and remain confident in the current state of affairs and correct management of your business remotely.


The myrentcar application adapts to any type of structure by being fully customizable, affordable and easy to install. Our teams are aware that staying connected will become more and more of a necessity for everyone in the future. It is our responsibility to move forward together in a sector where digitization will become increasingly important. Responding to new consumption models and connectivity issues are in our view very exciting challenges. We are therefore privileged to accompany you in a digital transition that will move increasingly faster. We therefore continue to develop and think continuously about solutions to improve the daily life of rental companies. Enabling working remotely in car rental industry is one of them. Do you want to modernize your company, anticipate the next trends in car rental and limit the impact of crises such as the coronavirus and containment? Do not hesitate to contact us and get more information about the car rental software myrentcar by clicking here.

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