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How much does an online car rental software cost?

How much does an online car rental software cost?

The price of an online car rental software varies according to the offers, understanding why is important before making your choice.


Indeed, many offers and prices for vehicle rental management systems exist today depending on the size of the company, the level of complexity and the range of services provided. It is important to understand the structure of the offers before making your choice. To simplify this, let’s analyze the prices and advantages of the different types of solutions.

Car rental management software at various costs

Costs vary greatly depending on what the car rental management software offers. Many traditional management software are available for free or easily accessible but will soon show their limitations in managing vehicle rentals. The primary objective is obviously to optimize the rental and to obtain a real gain in time and reactivity, which these solutions will not provide. Even worse, a file such as Excel could make you lose some!


It is therefore better to choose a specialized solution. The prices of management software for vehicle rental are however wide-ranging, so how do you find your way around? The price varies according to the type of offer, the most common being the in-house installation of software. These solutions generally have an attractive purchase price but offer limited functionalities, chaotic data synchronization and above all a generally non-existent support service. The risk to your data and your rental company when you encounter a problem is therefore very real. Even if you don’t need to go back to the checkout after you get it, these setbacks can quickly put you off in the long run. However, there is nothing worse for your business and your users than having to change management software along the way.


From the offset, a qualitative and scalable online vehicle rental management software is therefore to be preferred, but at what price?

The price of online vehicle rental management software

The price of an online vehicle rental management software is usually tailored to the organizations. It will depend on the number of users, the size of the fleet and the associated options. This model of cloud solution is hosted on external servers at a certified data center and is accessible from any browser. To finance the hosting costs, the pricing is therefore based on a monthly subscription. In addition to a better control of your costs, online vehicle rental management solutions are easily scalable according to your needs and budget. The relevant solutions on the market are able to support both short term rental professionals as well as players in the medium- and long-term lease segment. This will greatly facilitate the planning of your projects and objectives!


In the case of hitechsoftware, its SaaS vehicle rental management software myrentcar offers a user-friendly and configurable multi-support solution. Myrentcar car rental software is an online tool tailored to the challenges of the sector and allows for a real optimization of the rental activity by intervening on all aspects of the business, from cost control to customer satisfaction and fleet management. With 30 years of experience, hitechsoftware has been able to develop an expertise in rental and is aware of the constraints and issues of this highly competitive environment in constant evolution. Its technical teams therefore provide assistance and support from Monday to Friday, in addition to taking care of all your data integration and training.


To tailor to any type of organization, the price of our online car rental solution is available in three scalable versions according to your needs and budget: start, business and enterprise. Myrentcar start, ideal for starting out and perfecting the development of your rental business, is available from 178€/month. Equipped with many features and intuitive handling, it is now the reference online vehicle rental management software. Moreover, the solution allows you to develop and enrich your business at the same time. Myrentcar thus meets the needs of large accounts as well as more modest organizations by accompanying them at an attractive price. An overview of the different versions and prices of our vehicle rental software is available here.

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