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How Benalu optimize its skip rental activity ?

How Benalu optimize its skip rental activity ?

Hitechsoftware has just provided the european leader of industrial vehicles Benalu with myrentcar to optimize its skip rental activity.


This solution will accompany it in the development of its brand new skip rental activity : Easybulk. Time-saving, global vision of the skip rental business, responsiveness … all these assets led Benalu to choose the myrentcar fleet management solution.

Easybulk, skip rental by Benalu

With its expertise in designing lightweight skips for bulk transport, Benalu launched its new leasing activity just a year ago: Easybulk. “With about an hundred equipment on our fleet and only about twenty immobilized on average, the rotation is already very good,” says Florian do-Rego, Administrative and Financial Director of Benalu Group. “The strong demand from our customers is already pushing us to consider new production of skips for rent next year”. This strong activity requires precise management, in real time, of the activity.

To boost the activty of bin rental

Vehicle rental software myrentcar solution will boost the activity of bin rental. “Knowing the state of equipment, their exact configuration, the monitoring of contracts, administrative management, legal maintenance to comply with… All these points are crucial to limit immobilization and boost the turnover. “, says Florian do-Rego.


“We were looking for an easy solution to deploy. The web module of myrentcar allowed us to have a first visibility of the tools and all the functionalities to follow our activity. We saved a lot of time during the deployment and the handling of the teams went smoothly. “.

The fleet management is facilited

According to Magalie Depret, accounting assistant at Benalu, the fleet management is facilited and this solution greatly optimizes their rental activity. “Before, we worked on Excel spreadsheet, so we had no visibility of departure and return of vehicles.” she explains. With vehicle rental software myrentcar solution, users save time on administration and fleet management.


“With myrentcar, all the useful information is available on one tool. Knowing who to bill real time and being able to react quickly when a problem occurs helps us greatly to increase the performance of our daily business. ” concludes Benalu’s Administrative and Financial Director.

Myrentcar solution optimize your skip rental activity