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Harmony equipment rental software, a major asset

Harmony equipment rental software, a major asset

Equipment rental software can become a significant ally in the management of your business. The harmony software, developed by hitechsoftware, is a complete but not complex software, here is why.

1 – Here are 5 essential features that make harmony a reference in equipment rental software

The reference equipment rental software in 5 essential features:

  1. Planning: interactive, it allows you to manage your activity in real time. The management of your fleet is optimised, you have at your disposal the availability of your equipment directly in order to provide the appropriate response to your customers. Several planning options are available in harmony: material planning, customer planning, site planning, transport planning and finally the new workshop planning, which is part of a major evolution in 2017.
  2. Sales cycle: a serene management of your sales cycle from quotation to invoicing is made possible by harmony. Accounting can be integrated into harmony or a link to your existing accounting software can be set up. This saves you time, security and information traceability.
  3. Management of transversal business lines: trading and maintenance activities that are complementary to the rental activity are entirely managed by the harmony software. Distribution, Rental and Repair are the ecosystem of equipment rental companies, which is why our solution must meet the requirements of these businesses.
  4. Mobility: we offer a wide range of solutions based on harmony so that users can manage their activity as close as possible to the field and their customers (inventories on shelves, CRM).
  5. Decision support: harmony offers very complete analysis centres to analyse your activity. This information is a gold mine for any decision maker who wants to determine or refine the strategic direction of his company. Examples of usable statistics: turnover rate coupled with profitability, cost of equipment according to hours/kilometres of use, profitability balance sheet by equipment, rental revenue according to prices, duration… The possibilities are endless!

2 – Harmony, the complete but not complex equipment rental software

Many of the equipment rental software available on the market have poor ergonomics. A software that is not very intuitive, poor in ergonomics, with too many complex functionalities or poorly presented will penalise your daily activity. Users of the software will need much more training and adaptation time to their work tool. The harmony solution is unanimously accepted by its users: it is a pleasant and intuitive equipment rental software to which you get used very quickly. Users will quickly be able to effectively exploit harmony, resulting in rapid time and performance savings for your company.

3 – The equipment rental management software by hitechsoftware

At hitechsoftware, equipment rental management software is distributed through a process that is consistent with our values. When you have made the (right) decision to trust us, our sales department will forward your file to one of our project managers. This project manager will contact you to plan the installation and training in the use of the harmony software. He will visit your premises to carry out an audit in order to adapt the deployment and implementation of harmony to your environment and requirements. The evaluation of your constraints will allow us to implement the harmony solution without prejudice to your activity.  When you have a question about using harmony, you have access to a phone number that allows you to be in touch with your project manager or another member of the hitech team without waiting long hours on a standard. Proximity, availability and reactivity, we make it a point of honour to place the human being at the heart of our relationships.

Discover the harmony equipment rental software here.