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Vehicle rental software: purchase or hosting?

Vehicle rental software: purchase or hosting?

The acquisition or change of equipment or vehicle rental software is an important step in the development of a company. In addition to the functional aspects offered by the tool, it is wise to look at how it is acquired.

Owner mode: purchase of the hardware/vehicle rental software license

The purchase of the hardware or vehicle rental software is intended for companies that already have a network infrastructure. Indeed, this mode of acquisition consists for the company in purchasing the license of the hardware/vehicle rental software which is therefore installed on its server. Most often, it subscribes to an annual maintenance package with the publisher in order to have access to updates and technical support.
A significant investment is required, which requires cash and resources to maintain a server within the company.

Cloud mode: hosting of hardware/vehicle rental software

The acquisition of hardware or vehicle rental software through hosting is an increasingly popular solution in the IT world. The client disengages from the hardware aspect, he does not need to own and maintain a server within his structure. He pays the software publisher a monthly rent that includes:

  • The use of the software for renting equipment or vehicles
  • Hosting the software on the publisher’s servers
  • User support and remote assistance
  • Regular and automatic updates of the tool

The advantages of this acquisition mode are multiple:

  • Low initial investment àideal for start-ups or those who want to focus on their core business
  • No externalà hardware constraints, servers at the publisher’s premises
  • Safeguarding of cash flow à that can be used to invest in the core business: the purchase of equipment or vehicles or to finance the trade receivables item
  • Backup and security of regular data à backups and security to high professional standards
  • Mobility à possibility to access the software from anywhere via an internet connection

Conclusion: what is the best choice for my hardware/vehicle rental software?

The way you buy your hardware or vehicle rental software depends on your expectations and your company’s structure. There is no “best choice”, it is up to you to choose the method that best suits your activity.

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