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Equipment rental software and mobile application

Equipment rental software and mobile application

Using effective equipment rental software can greatly benefit your company’s profitability and operations in several ways.

The mobility of equipment rental software, a real challenge

Your equipment rental software must allow you to be more efficient and effective in order to increase your profitability and offer your customers a quality service. An equipment rental company may have to travel to meet its customers directly in the field. It is therefore essential for the lessor to be able to have at his or her disposal the information contained in his or her equipment rental software in order to be able to provide a quick and accurate response to his or her client. In the digital age, it is hindering for customers to be unable to access information when they need it. The use of a mobile application allows you to provide your customers with an instant answer regarding your availability and prices at any time.

Equipment rental software: 5 relevant mobile features

In addition to complete equipment rental software, a mobile application can quickly become an indispensable tool, especially for your sales team. Your sales representatives must have fast and efficient field access to certain features:

  • Consultations of the availability of your equipment on a defined date
  • Possibility to make and send by email a quote
  • Possibility to make a reservation and send it by email
  • Consultation of a sheet of equipment
  • Consultation of a customer sheet

These 5 functionalities seem essential to the proper functioning of your sales teams. ,It may also be interesting to have access to certain key performance indicators such as the comparison of your current turnover with that of the previous year.

Synchronised in real time with your equipment rental software, myharmony is the mobile application you need

Directly synchronised with the harmony equipment rental software, the myharmony application allows you to stay connected to your business. Usable on smartphones, it allows you to access your availability in real time, create quotes and reservations (possibility to send by email), view an equipment file and a customer file and, finally, it allows you to access statistics concerning your activity.

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