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Why choose an ERP software specialized in equipment rental management?

Why choose an ERP software specialized in equipment rental management?

Locatoumat provides advice on how to choose the right ERP software for equipment rental management that optimizes, enhances and makes the activity profitable.


Locatoumat company is specialized in the sale and rental of construction site equipment, green spaces and sale of EPI, electro-portable and construction site equipment for professionals and individuals in France. They choose harmony ERP equipment rental management solution to save time and be more productive. Jacques Voisin, IT manager at Locatoumat since 2015, testifies to his choice to implement harmony equipment rental solution developed by hitechsoftware. He manages all IT operations within the in the company’s 12 branches and organizes annual skills assessments on harmony equipment rental management software. Interview.


“We implemented harmony equipment rental management solution because it offered the best balance between functionalities and pricing. Harmony choice proved to be a real driving force in the implementation of our global IT network. We are working together on the ramp-up of the solution. “, explains Jacques Voisin.


“The quotations, bookings, contracts and invoices workflow system is much clearer thanks to harmony equipment rental management solution and provides an accurate customer follow-up. As far as equipment fleet management is concerned, the complete tracking and maintenance of equipment are well managed. It translates into a better durability of the equipment. For our employees, there is a better sharing and accessibility of information. The ERP of equipment rental harmony answers to the company’s wish, which is to efficiently share information within the 12 agencies. Uniformity of working methods is thus made possible thanks to harmony. “, he assures.


Setting up an equipment rental management software in a company’s IT system requires a specific organization. “Harmony ERP software for equipment rental replaced our out-dated solution. The implementation was organized in different audits phases, to assess our needs. We also benefit from tailored training sessions for a smooth transition and a responsive support” says Jacques Voisin from Locatoumat.


“Today, harmony equipment rental software is a centrepiece at Locatoumat, and we have a very good relationship with our hitech project manager. It is not possible to work with such an important supplier without a good understanding and good communication. Even if the implementation of a hardware rental software in our structure is not always easy, a real relationship based on trust and partnership has been established. My role is also to sensitize hitech to our problems on the one hand and to make Locatoumat management aware of hitech’s work on the other hand, it’s not always easy! “He exclaims.


“Harmony equipment rental ERP gets regularly updated and that’s a good thing. Rentpad, the inventory application for departures and returns is also an excellent product. Unfortunately, you have to take the time to implement it and make some people aware of the use of a tablet! We are looking forward to the implementation of the new workshop management module that is to be released soon. “, concludes Jacques Voisin.


Harmony equipment rental management software is an extremely complete and efficient IT tool that allows you to manage all aspects of your rental activity. Developed by hitechsoftware teams and expertise, harmony equipment rental solution greatly optimizes equipment rental and management thanks to numerous intuitive functions. Cost control, inventory management and activity planning thus greatly help to enhance the value and profitability of rental companies.


The proper use of harmony equipment rental management software translates into time and financial savings for companies. Thanks to an ergonomic and configurable interface, harmony accompanies all equipment, machinery and machine rental agencies, whatever their activity, in short, medium and long term. Learn more about harmony equipment rental software by clicking here. Just like Locatoumat, you too would like to choose a complete, innovative and efficient equipment rental solution? Contact us for a demonstration of the harmony ERP by clicking here.

Harmony ERP is a complete and innovative equipment rental solution