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How should you digitize equipment rental invoices?

How should you digitize equipment rental invoices?

How should you digitize your equipment rental invoices and optimize machine fleet management with electronic invoicing?


The digitization of an invoice in equipment rental is a process that is becoming more and more crucial in construction and rental industries. The goal? To speed up exchanges with customers and above all to simplify accounting, tax and administrative management. Many equipment rental companies are digitizing their invoices for machine rental thanks to the new features within the harmony equipment rental management software. Within this article we’ll analyze how you can revitalize your activity using dematerialization and digitizing your electronic invoicing in the equipment rental industry.

What is the digitization of invoices in equipment rental?

The digitization of invoices in the equipment rental industry consists in digitizing, sending, and storing the invoices of machine rental companies in pdf documents. How does it work? When an equipment rental reservation is made, the digitized invoice of the equipment rental is directly dematerialized and edited using various tools. This invoice must obviously comply with tax regulations. The renter can thus directly send his dematerialized invoice by email to his customer. This saves time and increases the productivity of any construction, industrial or equipment rental company that has chosen to digitize its equipment rental invoices.

How to electronically invoice equipment rental?

The new harmony software module enables you to invoice equipment rental electronically. This option allows you to not only send individual or bulk electronic invoices directly from the ERP, but also to store them automatically in the right place. Electronic invoicing in equipment rental is a proof of authenticity and a major advantage, especially during a tax audit, in addition to being a very important factor in productivity gains for the accounting departments of rental companies and distributors. Digitizing invoices in the equipment rental industry with the harmony management solution thus facilitates your exchanges, accounting and your taxes while automating your business. It’s extremely simple!


The new features of the harmony software package for digitizing invoices in the machine rental industry include the implementation of automatically sent invoices in pdf format for customers who have chosen to do so. In addition, it also includes a document tab containing all the invoices and user information in the negotiation and workshop sections. A new report allows you to list the suspensions granted (Report / Document / List of suspensions). You can also breakdown the way you send invoices in a dematerialized format to avoid delays. A new feature that will greatly boost your business thanks to the harmony software and the electronic invoicing of equipment rental!

How should you choose your invoicing software for equipment rental?

It is important to choose the right invoicing software for equipment rental. The harmony rental management solution not only allows you to edit electronic invoices for machine rental but also to efficiently manage your entire activity! Indeed, an intuitive schedule allows you to create your quotes, reservations, contracts and invoices with a simple click. The harmony machine rental invoicing software also contains all the functionalities you need to manage your equipment fleet, your stock, your workshop or your sales.


Developed by hitech, the harmony ERP has been designed to meet the needs of the equipment rental industry. For example, it can fulfill all your accounting needs with the inventory of fixtures app rentpad. This app will allow you to generate and edit your inventory of fixtures on a tablet while at the same time manage the workshop planning. This will guarantee your repairs are planned optimally in order to start invoicing as soon as possible. An undeniable asset adopted by many rental companies who have chosen harmony to digitize invoices for machine rentals. The invoices are then directly integrated into your computer system and your accounting to generate precise analyses that help you calculate your profitability. These are the reasons why we recommend you to boost your business and try harmony equipment rental invoicing software today!

Harmony’s equipment rental software digitizes your invoices and much more!