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How to create a digital signature for car rental?

How to create a digital signature for car rental?

Creating a digital signature for car rental improves the customer experience and makes your exchanges smoother, how to implement this?


The digital signature for car rental allows your customers to instantly validate and sign your quotes, reservations, contracts, and invoices through their smartphone, safely. By receiving your commercial documents via email, your customers can access their documents and validate them in just a few clicks. Many car rental companies and fleet managers have opted for this process in order to optimize their administration, speed up the validation process and digitize their activity. Here we gives details on the digital signature for car rental, its advantages and how to set it up with a car rental software.

What is the digital signature in terms of car rental?

Digital signature for car rental is a process which ensures the integrity of an electronic document and the author’s authentication. Unlike the written signature, it is not visual but corresponds to a secure data, which validates a document like the car rental contract.


The digital signature for car rental must allow the reader to clearly identify its origin and of course it must be unchangeable, authentic, tamper-proof, and irrevocable. Legally speaking, the digital signature for car rental is not reusable, it cannot be moved to another document. The digital signature benefits from the same status and legal impacts as the handwritten document.

What is the advantage of the digital signature in car rental?

You are probably wondering about the question, what are the advantages and the use of the digital signature in car rental? Well, there are many! The digital signature for car rental allows to reduce the amount of administrative paper documents which need to be signed by-hand without having to print these, scan them and archive them in a cardboard box that will eventually end up collecting dust! The documents remain digitally stored in a secure database. But most of all, the digital signature for car rental reduces your costs and saves a great amount of time and productivity, for your company but also to your customers!


It is true that sharing and accessing digitally signed documents and contracts is greatly facilitated through storage on cloud servers. Car rental companies and customers can easily access these through their computers or phones, without going through endless exchanges. Moreover, car rental printing and mailing costs are reduced in a major way, through a digital signature for car rental. The digital signature is secure data, which is protected and managed by specialized companies, which is less trappable and falsifiable by a third party rather than paper documents. There is another advantage, the digital signature for car rental improves your customer experience, in a major way and strengthens the reliability and mobility of your exchanges.

How to digitally sign a car rental agreement?

Digitally signing a car rental agreement is quite easy! After sending the contract, the customer receives an email notification, which contains a secure link to sign the agreement. The customer needs to open the document or PDF form which needs to be signed and confirm by inserting a validation through a text, image, or checkbox. Once the car rental contract is digitally signed, the rental company and the customer receive a notification which certifies that the agreement has been shared and validated. Therefore, the digital signature during a car rental optimizes and facilitates the rental activity or fleet management in a significant manner.


How to set up the digital signature for car rental?

Setting up the digital signature for car rental comes through a dedicated IT solution. Integrated management tools configured for your company’s IT system are able to automatically generate and send commercial documents, so that the customer can digitally sign his car rental contracts. But how do you choose the right software? In order to simplify the daily life of rental companies, hitechsoftware has developed the Myrentcar management solution, which handles all car rental cycles and integrates the digital signature within car rental.

Why choose a digital signature software for car rental?

In order to digitize the activity and simplify the administration of one’s agency, it is necessary to opt for a digital signature software in terms of car rental. The benchmark car rental solution Myrentcar automatically generates and sends your PDF files and contracts to your customers for validation and digitally sign these. Myrentcar is a car rental software that saves time and productivity for all users and their customers by managing all rental aspects, right from the creation of the reservation to the digital signature of the car rental agreement.


Myrentcar can be accessed through a computer, tablet, and smartphone. Due to its many functionalities and configuration possibilities, the Myrentcar vehicle rental solution allows you to create and manage your reservations, quotes, contracts, and invoices through just a few clicks with an intuitive schedule. While integrating all the specificities of the rental business, the Myrentcar software and application manages the short-term, medium, and long-term rental of all types of vehicles, bicycles, or boats.


You wish to optimize the rental and include the digital signature in the car rental? Do not hesitate to get in touch with our teams, who can guide you through the installation and setting up of the Myrentcar software. All of your information and data settings are handled by our technical assistance, to make sure you get started in the best possible conditions. The support team remains at your disposal, to accompany you while you use the solution. For more details on the possibilities of Myrentcar, do not hesitate to consult our car rental software pricing.

Myrentcar software includes the electronic signature