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Customer management and car rental, how to optimize this?

Customer management and car rental, how to optimize this?

Customer management in car rental is essential to develop your business activity. How to optimize this?


Many car rental companies, and fleet managers can give evidence that growth and profitability depend on optimal customer management in car rental. This management of your customer portfolio and the commercial cycle of your rental activity is greatly facilitated by integrating management tools into your IT system. Hitechsoftware has developed the myrentcar car rental management software. This rental management solution is compatible with the Caleo Customer Management CRM to meet all of these requirements.

What does customer relationship mean in terms of car rental?

Customer relations in terms of car rental is defined as all the processes of commercial relations. These procedures include processing customer identification, building a healthy customer database, developing a customer relationship, and improving the management and monitoring of these customer relations in car rental.


Therefore, it is important for any car rental agency to pay special attention to their customers. The car rental company must be well aware of their customers’ requirements and intensify the relationship with them to go way beyond the objective of simply carrying out a rental, even temporary short-term rental. This relationship must then be extended over time so that your company is perceived as a coherent entity and triggers sympathy and professionalism. This is the key to loyalty and customer management in car rental.


In this regard, the company must set up interconnected communication channels to facilitate centralization and share information of their customer management in car rental. These channels allow rental companies to properly identify and get to know their customers so that they can fully respond to their demand, or even better, create this demand and retain the latter.

How to retain customers in car rental?

Do you know how to perfectly retain customers in car rental? Establishing a relationship of trust is key and to do so, the customer must not forget about you! Providing impeccable quality service is essential but this is only the first step in building customer loyalty in car rental. Once the car rental has taken place, assessing customer satisfaction, and regularly sending pop-up messages or alerts in case of news or events.


Send your customers offers and set up subscriptions or sponsorships, while personalizing your communication. Moreover, it is wise to let your customers speak on your website or during meetings in order to gain loyalty from customers in car rental. This will give you a clear competitive edge in terms of communication, in addition to getting your customers involved in your business development. Fortunately, there is a CRM for car rental to manage all of the commercial stages in rental: the Caleo CRM.

Why choose a car rental CRM?

Have you identified the issues concerning your business so as to know why you should choose a car rental CRM? Do you have difficulties in realizing a long-term or leasing? Many of your short and medium-term rental clients don’t seem to be using your services? Monitoring your customer management in car rental isn’t optimal? So, it’s time to take on a CRM for car rental.


CRM car rental customer management Caleo, is made for all rental companies, in LCD but also LLD, renting city cars, SUVs, sedans, bicycles or even boats. This comprehensive management tool favors rigorous monitoring of customers and prospect operations, not to mention, it facilitates the processing of cases and the implementation of marketing actions through an intuitive and efficient dashboard.


The customer management CRM for car rental Caleo sends notifications when it comes to changes in customer turnover, automates marketing actions, manages customer reminders and business opportunities in addition to effectively monitoring the planning of these actions. This greatly simplifies your sales processes, significantly increases your conversion rate, and allows you to acquire and retain new prospects and qualified leads. All this by segmenting your customer targeting and by making your customer relationships long lasting in car rental. CRM for car rental companies Caleo is compatible and synchronizes directly with myrentcar, the reference car rental management software.

How to set up software to improve customer management in car rental?

The myrentcar web solution is a software which improves customer management in car rental, but how does one set it up? It can be easily accessed online on computer, tablet and smartphone, the myrentcar car rental software allows you to manage all car rental cycles with many features. Through the myrentcar car rental solution, edit your reservations, quotes, contracts and invoices in just a few clicks with an ergonomic and intuitive schedule.


The myrentcar car rental software synchronizes directly with your website to take into account reservations and customer profiles, which include all their information. All of these processes will save you time and productivity to simplify customer management in car rental. Developed by hitechsoftware, installing myrentcar software and its applications is fully managed by their support. Therefore, a technical team takes care of your data configuration and the integration of your information.


More than 4,000 rental companies have already opted for the myrentcar software and its CRM for car rental Caleo, in order to optimize their activity, monitoring and customer relationship management in car rental. The implementation of these solutions supports the profitability and growth of your company. For more information and to obtain a demonstration of these efficient management tools which are in keeping with the requirements of rental companies, contact hitechsoftware by clicking here.

Caleo is a specific CRM for car rental