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How to ease the management of a commercial vehicle rental activity?

How to ease the management of a commercial vehicle rental activity?

Douillard Rental has found the right solution to facilitate the management of utility and commercial vehicle rental.


About Douillard:
– French based company (Nantes city) offering more than 130 commercial vehicles for rent.
– 3 national agencies located in Clisson, Vertoux and Montaigu.
– Their mission is to provide an efficient commercial vehicle rental service to local vineyard actors.
– They are now a local leader in their sector within Nantes area.


As their fleet’s size and vehicles range keeps increasing, Douillard connected with Hitechsoftware to find a suitable fleet management solution. Myrentcar has been chosen as it allows them to ease their entire commercial vehicle’s fleet and is fully customizable to match their future innovations in terms of business and services. Interview with Thierry Bog, Director of Douillard rental company.

How to optimize a commercial vehicle’s rental activity?

Myrentcar is the most suitable option when it comes to optimize a commercial vehicle’s rental activity.

Myrentcar allows you to:
– Manage all your daily processes in a few clicks.
– Analyze performances through dedicated statistics, follow-up functions.


Thierry Bog, Director of Douillard, share with us his thoughts on myrentcar solution” I have been working with myrentcar when I was working for a national rental company. So, I was already convinced about Hitech’s team seriousness and their fleet management solutions. Hitech’s ability to provide us a tailored solution matching our structure and needs as well as a fully digital web-based solution, has been the reason why we chose and implemented myrentcar.”


“Today, myrentcar is our only and unique management tool, optimizing all our commercial vehicle rental operation. It has been a time saving on the administration processes which allowed us to focus more on the rental side and customer service. “Says Thierry. Main benefits from myrentcar are for sure the accuracy of the information sharing process which is reliable and fast. Our entire team daily’s experience has been improved thanks to myrentcar and as any internal change, it requires a training period, but it was clearly worth it!”


What’s make myrentcar so special is that “all other solutions we have studied, were not as complete as myrentcar and, believe me, we have seen quite a few! Myrentcar advanced customization functions and user-friendly interface convinced us!”

Support in the development of a commercial vehicle rental business

Hitechsoftware has been supporting commercial vehicle rental activity’s growth through myrentcar fleet management solution.” We are in luck to have such a skilled dedicated project manager who is always available, listen to us and quickly answer to our concerns. She trained for a 2 full days’ session our entire team, which allowed us to understand myrentcar and how to use it on a daily basis” testifies Thierry Bog.


To strengthen their utility vehicle rental activity, Douillard also started using our tablet application rentpad, vehicle check-in/out management. “Rentpad has been implemented to improve the traceability of all our vehicles (departure and returns). Rentpad main functions as picture capture and vehicle report follow up aimed to avoid any disputes usually occurring at the vehicle check-out. It is a real asset for the follow up of our fleet and our relationship with our clients.” says Thierry Bog. The Director of Douillard rental concludes: “The implementation of myrentcar is very recent. However, thanks to a very attentive team, everything is going well!”. Find more information about the myrentcar car rental software here.

Faites le choix d’un logiciel de location de véhicules web et multi-support à la hauteur de vos attentes avec myrentcar
Myrentcar is an ideal solution to ease the management of a commercial vehicle rental activity