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Choosing your workshop management software

Choosing your workshop management software

Choosing the correct workshop management software is a determining factor in the performance and development of a rental activity. Here is our advice.


An automated management of your workshop thanks to a workshop management software is undoubtedly the best approach to contribute to an effective management of your rental activity, anticipating the needs and a simplification of the information sharing. To develop, facilitate and make my vehicle or equipment rental activity profitable, it is important to make the right choice.

5 key features of a workshop management system

Choosing the right workshop management system means above all choosing a tool with functionalities that meet the challenges of my business. Here are 5 key features that any good shop management software should offer.


The Workshop Appointment: making an appointment at the workshop is the ideal entry point that allows on one hand to estimate the amount of work to be carried out on a vehicle / equipment and also to secure the work to be carried out on the technician schedule.


Repair order management: The repair order, also known as an internal maintenance order, must be able to be edited from an quote, a workshop appointment or created directly upon receipt of the work to be carried out via the workshop management system. It must show the technicians assigned to the operations and the duration of the tasks. In order to optimize workshop management, the repair order must be transferred to the dual planning OR – Technician. Once the maintenance is completed, the voucher can then be closed to record the operations in the vehicle / equipment sheet and lead to a possible invoice.


Technician planning: the workshop management tool must be able to feed a database of technicians, jobs and type of tasks thanks to an intuitive and efficient planning. This technician schedule must be updated by creating repair orders by assigning the technicians in charge of the job to be done but also by assigning various tasks (rest, cleaning, inventory …).


Planning of repair orders: the repair order planning of the workshop management software must make it possible to display with a simple or detailed view the information contained in a maintenance order (title OR, vehicle / equipment reference, technicians in charge of interventions). It is preferable for the schedule to be dynamic in order to allow the modification of existing interventions or the addition of new ones. It will thus be able to filter the ROs only or to take into account the scheduled appointments. It is the same for the job types.


Performance analysis: the workshop management application must offer numerous analysis centers that can be fully configured, giving you access to detailed statistics and analyses on your entire activity (extraction of lists of documents, items, vehicles or equipment, inventory reports, customer extractions, dynamic cross tables, etc.). Anticipating supply needs and increasing reaction times thanks to the inventory and supply management of a complete analysis center is just one example amongst others.


Automated management is nowadays a major issue to develop the overall performance of a company. Enabling information to be shared and sharing access to all relevant data saves considerable time. This is why these key features are necessary for any good workshop management software to allow me to efficiently manage my activity.

Additional features of the workshop management software

There are many additional tools available alongside the workshop management software that can contribute just as much to the growth of a rental company. The main add-on tool that perfectly complements a workshop management system is a trading and inventory management module. This tool must be compatible and synchronizable with the shop management software.


All these IT tools must then allow you to juggle between three very complementary activities in the rental business: distribution, rental and repair. A trading and stock management software therefore allows you to manage your trading activity completely, which is often closely linked to rental and maintenance activities. The management of stocks, purchases and suppliers is therefore managed through this module. The trading and stock tool can also be extended to the resale activity with all the commercial steps from quotation to invoicing.


Finally, a trading and stock management software will be useful for all your activity. On one hand in rental, where it is possible to add the content of a quote / the reservation / the contract an item sold. And on the other hand, in the maintenance and workshop where the use of consumables, spare parts and services call upon the article database. Hence the importance of a trading and stock management software compatible with a workshop management software.

The software publisher of workshop management solution

When you choose a workshop management solution, you also trust the software publisher. This last point is not to be neglected because the latter will accompany you in the use and the implementation of the tool. The quality of technical support and maintenance are therefore just as important as the tool’s functionalities.


With 30 years of experience as a solid and competent team, hitechsoftware has developed workshop management software compatible with myrentcar and harmony solutions to simplify the daily life of rental professionals. This intelligent tool optimizes the planning and execution of all preventive maintenance and repair work carried out on a vehicle or equipment by offering all the features mentioned above. In addition, this workshop management software is compatible with our trading and inventory management module. Whether it is within the context of business development or purely for internal management purposes, our solution for optimizing workshop management records all your expenses and re-invoices them accordingly. Relying on us means choosing a partner who is responsive and available with solutions tailored to your requirements. Do not wait any longer to contact our team of experts. Find out more information about our workshop management system.

Our workshop management software optimizes the planning and execution of all preventive maintenance