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Choose your equipment rental software

Choose your equipment rental software

Choosing equipment rental software is no easy task. The management of equipment can be achieved in two ways. It can be expressed through internal use and allow you to control your costs but also through the use of equipment rental software that will allow you to manage the profitability of your fleet. If it is well chosen, it can be a decisive investment in the successful development of your business.

The challenges of optimal equipment management

To be efficient in your equipment management is to control the profitability of your equipment. Before being a profit centre, a piece of equipment is first and foremost a cost centre. From the purchase of your equipment to its resale, including maintenance, each cost must be controllable. The use of equipment fleet management software allows you to monitor these costs regularly and accurately. The frequency of breakdowns and breakdowns of your equipment, which is damaging to your company’s image, is thus greatly reduced. The implementation of an efficient material fleet management guarantees your customers a reliable and quality service and allows you to increase the profitability of your fleet.

Gain performance with equipment rental management software

The benefits of using equipment rental management software are many. Software dedicated to equipment fleet management and equipment rental must be complete but not complex in order to allow you to focus on creating added value. Save time and efficiency on tasks such as planning, interview follow-up, real-time inventory management, payment management or archiving all your business documents in order to offer your customers a higher quality of service. Your customers will be the first to benefit from the improvement of your reactivity and your ability to anticipate. The tools made available to you by equipment rental software allow you to acquire a better knowledge of your customers’ needs and habits, which allows you to provide them with a personalised service adapted to their requirements.

Expand your potential with harmony equipment rental software

The purchase of harmony equipment rental software is more than a purchase: it is an investment that adds value to your company. Not only does harmony meet all the requirements of an equipment rental business, it is a great tool for sharing information. You and your employees can find any document – a contract, an invoice, a maintenance slip, the rental history of a piece of equipment or a customer – in just a few clicks. Harmony allows its users to evolve on a user-friendly and ergonomic interface that adapts to their profile.

Choosing harmony to develop your company also means trusting a team of experts who make it a point of honour to maintain a close relationship with its partners in order to follow them as closely as possible in their activity.
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Harmony equipment rental software increases the profitability of your fleet