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Choose the right truck rental software

Choose the right truck rental software

Adapted truck rental software allows a commercial vehicle rental company to offer its customers a complete service that guarantees the use of reliable vehicles that meet their needs for an agreed duration, mileage and price. To do this, a commercial vehicle rental company needs precise tools that meet the requirements of the sector. The truck rental software is one of these essential tools.

What a high-performance truck rental software should provide you

– Short term/Long term. The truck rental software must manage both short-term and long-term rental. Long-term is much more represented than short-term in the industrial vehicle rental sector. These are two different activities, so relevant software will not treat these two activities in the same way.

Long-term rental must offer a much more complete file:

  • Rental schedule, taking into account their increase
  • Management of double meters, mileage and time
  • Management of the couple duration and mileage included, including reports to detect potential mileage overruns at the end of the period
  • Overall invoicing, a single invoice for a customer who has several vehicles
  • Mutualisation of mileage, compensation of km between a vehicle that has driven a lot and a vehicle that has driven little
  • Invoicing of additional km regularly during the life of the contract
  • Management of bridge loans, when a vehicle is taken, for maintenance for example
  • Quotation tool, in order to adjust the rates and rental conditions as best as possible. It takes into account maintenance costs, financing rates and the residual value desired at the end of the contract
  • Budget management by file
  • Profitability management by client
  • Calculation of the residual value. Your truck rental software should allow you to accurately determine the residual value of your vehicle. So as soon as your vehicle is put on the road, you already know its residual value and therefore the profitability you should achieve from it.
  • Follow-up of interviews. The rental of industrial vehicles is not limited solely to the provision of a vehicle. You must be able to offer your customers a maintenance and servicing package. The truck rental software should allow you to manage alerts and costs with the generation of maintenance vouchers. Thus you have in your possession a detailed profitability report for each of your vehicles, which are real profit centres.
  • Vehicle and customer files. The software should allow you to have detailed sheets on each of your customers and each of your vehicles. From these files you must be able to quickly access the history of all customer or vehicle rentals as well as other important information such as customer outstanding amounts, registration of the vehicle registration document, profitability or the addition of various and varied attachments. Buy-back and warranty termination alerts can be set up based on the information contained in the vehicle sheets.
  • Analysis and statistics. In order to manage your activity correctly, the software must provide you with a whole series of very detailed statistics concerning, among other things, vehicles, your customers, operational data, claims experience, the profitability of your fleet and the performance of your various branches.

What the publisher of this truck rental software must bring you

Find the truck rental software that suits you is good. However, the services and technical support involved in acquiring a computer tool must meet your expectations.

That is why it is essential not to stop at the software alone. First, be interested in the time required to implement the new tool; long months of implementation will hinder your daily activity. Choosing a tool dedicated to your business allows you to save time on the commissioning of the latter and its integration into your environment. You must be sure that the publisher of the truck rental software will provide you with an efficient and responsive technical support service. Having a privileged contact person at the publisher’s is a significant luxury. This will make exchanges more fluid and your requests better interpreted and processed. It is also interesting to look at the publisher’s experience in the heavy goods vehicle rental sector. A publisher who has been developing a tool for 2 years is very unlikely to have a better level of expertise than a publisher who has 20 years of experience behind him. The more the truck rental software has lived, the more stable and optimised it will be.

However, some tools on the market for several decades now are obsolete and inefficient. The last point to check before entering into a partnership is quite telling: What are the publisher’s references in the heavy goods vehicle rental sector? Feel free to get in touch with them to get an opinion on the use of the truck rental software.

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