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Choose the right equipment rental software package

Choose the right equipment rental software package

The choice of a hardware rental software package is an important step because this tool must have a positive impact on your daily business. An efficient and complete equipment rental ERP must be able to adapt to a “generalist” rental activity with various and varied equipment for rental, large and small. But it must also be able to manage a “specialist” rental activity that depends on a much more specific sector such as earthmoving, handling, lifting, modular or even event management.

The 6 essential functionalities of a hardware rental software package

1 A complete and efficient hardware rental software package must be able to manage the Distribution, Rental and Repair (DLR) activities. The equipment rental ERP must therefore present modules that allow you not only to manage the rental of your equipment (from the quotation to the invoicing, including the reservation and the contract) but also the repair and maintenance of the latter. The vast majority of equipment rental companies have a workshop, this workshop needs spare parts in order to carry out the necessary maintenance operations. This is why the equipment rental software package must allow you to manage a trading activity (purchase/sale) whether to manage the purchase of spare parts, to sell the same spare parts, consumables or your equipment.

2 The software must provide you with an ergonomic and easy-to-use planning tool. The schedule, whether displayed by site or by equipment, must allow all your employees or agencies to have the same information in real time. This ensures that you can allocate your resources in the most optimal way possible.

3 The rental ERP must be able to integrate seamlessly with your existing IT system. It must be able to exchange data with your existing tools (accounting, telematics, website). Thus, the implementation of the rental software package does not call into question your existing system but complements it.

4 For your mobile teams, sales representatives or technicians, the software must offer you mobile solutions so that they have access to the information they need directly in the field. These solutions can take the form of inventories of your equipment on a tablet synchronized with your rental ERP or the use of a digital intervention schedule for field technicians. Some equipment rental software packages also offer synchronization of operational data with a CRM dedicated to the equipment rental business. It allows your sales force to have a detailed follow-up of your customers and prospects and to plan follow-up actions, conquest or marketing distribution.

5 A hardware rental software package must be at the service of profitability. It can help you in your decision-making and strategic direction. This is why some software packages offer very detailed analysis centres that allow you to use very detailed statistics and indicators on your activity.

6 Each company is different and within each company, all employees are different. The ERP of equipment rental must therefore be configurable according to the needs of your company but also its identity and habits. It must also adapt to your employees and their responsibilities. It is essential that the software package offers a multilingual version if you plan to export your business.

The editor of the ERP of equipment rental

Equipment rental ERP is not only about its features. It is important to pay particular attention to the software publisher. It must be a reliable and available partner because it will support you throughout your use of the rental software package. Prefer a partner who will be easily accessible if necessary, if you have a privileged interlocutor within the company it is even better. Take the time to study the support and maintenance conditions of the software. Having access to a direct phone number or a simple email address to provide you with technical support is not really the same thing. It is important that the software publisher knows your business in order to be able to provide you with quality advice and expertise. Last thing to remember, the software must be complete but not complex: the implementation of a complex software is long and tedious, it will waste your time and efficiency. Choose an ergonomic and efficient equipment rental solution that will not require months and months of adaptation.

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