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Choose a web and multi-support vehicle rental software

Choose a web and multi-support vehicle rental software

Choosing vehicle rental software can sometimes be complicated: many offers, uneven solutions, lack of clarity on the part of publishers. Today, we have chosen to present myrentcar, the first 100% web and multi-support ERP dedicated to vehicle rental. From small businesses to large groups, myrentcar has all the necessary assets to fully manage your business.

Proven vehicle rental software

The first version of the myrentcar vehicle rental software was created in 1986 under the name rentcar. With more than 30 years of existence, the solution has established itself as a reliable and perfectly adapted tool for the vehicle rental and fleet management industries. Nearly 4,000 users worldwide are using the solution today. One of myrentcar’s strengths is its ability to meet the needs and challenges of both small and large structures. All the functionalities necessary for the rigorous management of a vehicle rental activity are available: short and medium term rental, long-term rental, online reservations, fleet management and claims experience, purchases and maintenance, decision-making tools, general and cost accounting…

Mobility for vehicle rental software through the web

The myrentcar vehicle rental software is accessible from a simple web browser. This means access to a complete ERP from any media connected to the Internet: smartphone, tablet or computer. This mobility allows you to provide a clear and concise answer to your customers in all circumstances as soon as you have an internet connection (Wi-Fi, 3g, 4g…). With myrentcar, all your activity fits in your pocket: make quotes, reservations, contracts or invoices anywhere and anytime. You can also access detailed statistics on your business directly from your smartphone. The myrentcar solution is a solution developed for the web and completely remote. All the solution’s features are accessible from any medium.

Vehicle rental software offering maximum customisation

The user experience is an essential element of the myrentcar rental software. That’s why the solution allows each user profile to access an interface that looks like it and meets its needs, functions and preferences. Each user can access a dashboard of his own. It is entirely consistent that a CEO, accountant or counter agent should not have access to the same functionalities because their needs are different. The interface is therefore fully configurable to provide each member of your team with a suitable environment. If you wish to go further in customisation, myrentcar offers the possibility to customise each screen present in the solution (vehicle sheet, customer sheet, estimate, reservation, contract, invoice, etc.). The solution’s advanced configuration and customisation results in an optimal user experience that will result in better user acceptance and increased productivity.

A team of experts behind the myrentcar rental software

At hitechsoftware, vehicle rental management software is developed by a team of experts. We distribute myrentcar by giving high importance to the clarity of our offers and by placing human relations at the centre of our exchanges. Our team accompanies each new customer with the same rigour and commitment so that the deployment of the solution takes place with peace of mind. The publisher of your ERP becomes a strategic partner in the management of your business: it must be responsive, available and offer you reliable solutions. Our teams provide long-term support to all types of structures in the development of their activity.

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