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What is the state of the carsharing market?

What is the state of the carsharing market?

What is the status of the carsharing market as the connected self-service car industry is increasingly disrupted?


With new forms of mobility and ecological and territorial concerns, the carsharing market has become a priority for many industry players. However, is carsharing just a trend or a sustainable growth driver? What are the key figures and players in the carsharing sector? Let’s take a closer look at a market in full evolution with the arrival of new offers such as the carsharing application clickygo.

What is carsharing?

Carsharing guarantees the use of a self-service vehicle for its users or subscribers 24 hours a day. This service is also known as car sharing or free-floating. The carsharing market is imbedded in the new accessibility trend by enabling users to book and use a connected car simply using their smartphone. There is no need for a counter or an agency, carsharing is establishing itself in Europe and worldwide as a sustainable trend facilitating the daily life of many rental companies and fleet managers.

What is the advantage of car sharing?

The advantage of carsharing is twofold, it offers many advantages and benefits for the professional but also the consumer! Indeed, the carsharing sector reduces the dependency on a car and all the costs that come with it (purchase, insurance, maintenance, …) while at the same time enabling users to benefit from the rental company’s full fleet at any time. The carsharing market also guarantees to free up urban space previously occupied by personal vehicles and drastically reduces CO2 emissions (1.5 tons of CO2/year less for a subscriber). Carsharing is thus a win-win service that has, in principle, a bright future! But is this really the case?

What are the figures for the carsharing market?

There are tons of figures for the carsharing market. They need to be looked at closely to avoid any hasty conclusions. It is estimated that 5% of the population has already used a carsharing service, a figure that can rise up to 20% in Paris, hence the importance of properly segmenting the carsharing market figures. The self-service and free-floating vehicle sector is growing in large cities such as London, Lisbon and Berlin, boosted by the concentration of industry players and the flexibility of their services.


The turnover of car sharing market professionals has thus largely increased since the arrival of this new form of consumption. The annual growth of the carsharing sector is estimated at between 5 and 15% depending on the player and services offered. This trend is notably supported by public authorities with legislation and considerable financial support for the carsharing market and the ecological transition. The economic opportunities of carsharing are therefore numerous and encourage the emergence of new users and partners.

Who are the carsharing market partners?

The carsharing market partners vary according to the offers. Indeed, the carsharing market naturally depends on suppliers of connected boxes to connect vehicles that are not equipped with them. Insurance is also an essential part of the price of the car sharing service, as is the associated platform. In addition to the pioneering start-ups, the carsharing economy is attracting investments from large automotive and Internet giants. It is therefore necessary to choose your partners carefully, as they represent a crucial factor in carsharing’s profitability, as we shall see later.

How is the carsharing market segmented?

The carsharing market segments contain many industry players. To put it simply, we can separate the carsharing sector into three categories: connected car rental between individuals, self-service car rental for individuals and carsharing in companies. The distribution channels are mostly digital for these three categories, with car sharing services being deployed as applications via the various Apple, Google and Huawei mobile stores.


For the later two, it is essential to opt for the right tools and carsharing systems in order to ensure a reliable service to customers or employees. The quality of the service depends on the exchange of information with the computer system of the organization. This is why hitechsoftware has developed the clickygo carsharing application for professionals, which is supplied directly with connected boxes. But what does this new car sharing solution actually provide for the car sharing market?

How should you choose a carsharing service?

Choosing a carsharing service is a crucial step in the transition to this new form of mobility. It is important to get this step right. The clickygo carsharing app was designed for car rental and fleet management professionals who want to open up to the car sharing market in complete independence. Accessible on Android and iOS, the clickygo app allows users to book and use a connected vehicle directly from their phone while guaranteeing its safe return with integrated departure and drop-off reports. More importantly, the advantage of the clickygo carsharing service lies in its integrated communication with the car rental software myrentcar, the leading fleet management system on the market.


The myrentcar software ensures total centralization of your company’s and your fleet’s information, whether it is for traditional or self-service rental. This online management solution gives you a major advantage in the carsharing market by allowing you to monitor your vehicles in real time. Planning your activity, calculating and optimizing the profitability of carsharing, managing maintenance, tickets or invoicing is done in a few clicks, the ideal tool for all rental companies and managers! The car sharing sector is evolving at a rapid pace and requires the adaptability and flexibility that clickygo and myrentcar guarantee. Feel free to fill out the form below to try these tools.

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