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The car sharing app for rental companies

The car sharing app for rental companies

The car-sharing app for rental companies clickygo supports professionals in car-sharing and self-service car rental.


Hitechsoftware has developed the clickygo car sharing app. This app is the perfect addition to its fleet rental management software myrentcar that is already used by many rental and fleet management professionals. With clickygo, the company aims to support the industry in its efforts to create the mobility solutions of tomorrow.

What is car sharing?

Car sharing, also known as free-floating, allows you to book a vehicle and borrow it from a fleet of cars at any time, paying only for the time you use it. The car sharing app clickygo allows you to reserve and use self-service vehicles 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, without having to go to a counter or agency. How does it work? Clickygo is a turnkey app that comes with an interface, a back office and connected devices.


Thanks to its smart technology and availability on Android and iOS, the car sharing app for rental companies clickygo allows you to locate and use your connected vehicles nearby. The user can access the vehicle and book it from his or her smartphone. The clickygo car sharing app then calculates the cost of the reservation, mileage, fuel and insurance in order to make an accurate and secure payment for the service. Clickygo is also compatible with myrentcar, the leading car rental management system for professionals.

How to choose a car sharing app for a rental company?

It is essential to choose the right car sharing app for a rental company in order to optimize your business. The strength of clickygo lies in its communication and its complete integration into the myrentcar management software to optimize fleet monitoring. “Hitech wants to support professionals in this digital tranformation with high-performance solutions that guarantee independence and full digitalization of the business without distorting the core business,” says Lucas Sainctavit, Marketing Manage


“The connection between myrentcar and the clickygo car sharing app for car rental companies makes it possible to efficiently manage one’s fleet in real time, as well as one’s rentals, maintenance, fines and much more, from a single tool. This centralization of information saves valuable time and money” adds Lucas. Having equipped numerous rental and fleet management names such as Avis, DLM and France Cars, hitechsoftware makes clickygo and myrentcar a complete offer for any professional in the sector.

How to rent a car using car sharing?

Are you a car rental company and looking to rent out your car using car sharing? You’re absolutely right, the advantages of a car sharing app for car rental companies such as clickygo have proven to be an effective solution with the rise of new trends and forms of mobility. Car sharing will not only diversify your offer but will also make your customers’ daily lives easier while at the same time increasing loyalty. You shouldn’t wait any longer to connect your cars and your fleet by installing the clickygo car sharing app for car rental companies now!

Clickygo is the ideal car sharing app for rental companies