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How to acquire a planning tool for car rental?

How to acquire a planning tool for car rental?

Having a car rental planning tool to maximize the growth and profitability of your vehicle fleet is now essential.


Thanks to a management interface for vehicle rental you can easily track the status of your vehicles, assign rental contracts quickly and review your business and expenses. Following its organization and performance day after day through the different functionalities of a car rental planning tool has never been easier to anticipate and achieve your objectives! But how do you equip yourself with a planning software for vehicle rental?

What is the advantage of a planning software for vehicle rental?

There is no better way to optimize the management of a car rental company‘s human and material resources than with a vehicle rental planning software. A planning tool for car rental is an undeniable advantage for an optimal management of the company’s activities and resources. However, some vehicle rental planning applications do not meet the requirements of all rental companies, whether they are short-, medium- or long-term lease oriented. It is then important that the choice of the car rental planning system with which you are going to provide your company takes into account various parameters. Be careful however, free software downloaded online will present only the minimal options and the management of your resources will be very limited.


Many car rental companies have chosen to provide themselves with a car rental planning software because it is a practical tool that allows to optimize the management of resources within the company in a sustainable way. The installation of a planning tool for car rental allows you to provide encrypted data on all the parameters and resources of a rental activity while saving and securing the data. Data distribution and productivity are thus optimized, allowing the company to increase its profits, save considerable time and share information more easily between users and customers.

The 5 key essential features of a car rental planning application

An efficient car rental planning application must have certain features that are essential to truly optimize the rental business. Here are the 5 key features that a good vehicle rental planning interface must have to meet the challenges and needs of your company.


The vehicle rental planning software must evaluate and support all the parameters that affect the rental business at all levels. This includes the duration of the contract, the vehicle, its characteristics and availability, rates, unproductive movements, alerts, the company involved and of course customer information.


The car rental management ERP tool must also have a comprehensive and efficient search tool. You must be able to easily find your various quotes, reservations, rental contracts, invoices, credit notes or movements using the search tool.


Favor a clear and intuitive interface on the car rental planning tool. Users must be able to immediately get to grips with the application to save time. Especially in rental companies with a high turnover rate. You will then save precious time adapting to the new planning tool and training that can penalize your business.


The compatibility of the data in the vehicle rental planning application must be immediate and effective with all your tools. For example, one of your vehicles is being repaired, an alert will appear on your schedule to let you know. It should also be possible to handle online reservations. A synchronization of this information can only be beneficial to fully optimize the distribution of information. Make sure that the ERP tool is perfectly integrated into your existing information system.


In addition to being an ally of choice in the management of your daily activity, the car rental management interface must also accompany you in the management of your car rental. The solution must offer a large panel of analysis centers focused on your activity. The availability of many key performance indicators will then allow you to anticipate the evolution of your business and take tailored decisions. This decision support is nowadays essential to make a vehicle rental business fully profitable.

Choosing a vehicle rental planning system that is convenient, efficient and affordable

At hitechsoftware, we have developed a practical, efficient and affordable vehicle rental planning system. The myrentcar online car rental planning software is popular with its users thanks to its flexibility and responsiveness. Integrating all the key features mentioned above, its ease of use saves a significant amount of time and greatly optimizes fleet management. The schedule of our ERP tool for vehicle rental management is designed to manage with the same efficiency a single-branch rental company as it does a multi-branch company, whether it is short, medium or long-term lease oriented.


In addition to rigorous and regular monitoring of your fleet, the myrentcar online solution positively impacts the profitability of your business with the tools you need to ensure the health of your fleet. Claims management, check-in and check-out, automatic alerts, purchase management and mileage control will enable you to monitor your fleet optimally. The myrentcar car rental planning software also gives you access to a real profitability report for each vehicle.


How do you equip yourself with the myrentcar software? It’s very simple! With 30 years of experience and a reactive and competent team, hitechsoftware company has developed a real know-how in terms of support. Our experts ensure the installation, the integration of your data and a personalized follow-up. More than 4000 users worldwide have already sped up their growth thanks to myrentcar. Do not hesitate to contact us, our teams are at your disposal to support you in the development of your business. Find more information on our planning tool for car rental.

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