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How should you choose your car rental planner?

How should you choose your car rental planner?

How should you choose your car rental planner to manage fleet availability and reservations on a schedule?


More and more car rental companies and car fleet managers are digitizing their activity with an appropriate car rental planning software. Indeed, a car rental planner is the best tool to use in order to follow the availability of your fleet, plan your reservations and manage your transactions. Let’s take a look together at the questions to ask and the steps to follow in order to choose the car rental planner that will best suit your company.

What is the purpose of a vehicle rental planner?

The vehicle rental planner has many advantages. First of all, having a rental calendar will allow your company to efficiently manage your activity, save time and avoid mistakes. For example, customers requests will be taken care of much more quickly with a tool that enables you to visualize instantly the availability according to the date and the category of vehicle (city car, moped, utility, truck …). The car rental planner must also allow you to plan your movements so that you do not make reservations on dates that are unavailable if a technical inspection or maintenance is to be scheduled.


A good car rental planner will allow you to instantly create a quote, a contract or an invoice from the schedule. If you have a reservation website, we also recommend that you choose a planner that will allow you to synchronize your online reservations directly into your calendar. Communicating this information will guarantee that you avoid re-entering information while gaining management time and efficiency. Now that we have established the main features of a car rental planner, it is time to correctly identify your needs in order to choose the perfect application for your fleet size and budget.

Examples of car rental planners

Depending on the size of your fleet, you will find many examples of car rental planners on the internet. However, an Excel file will never stand up to a software program when managing your car rental schedule. If you rent more than five vehicles, we strongly advise against managing your rental company’s schedule on an Excel file to avoid errors. Duplicate rentals happen so quickly in Excel, so we recommend that you opt for a car rental planner developed specifically for rental companies and fleet managers. All that remains is to choose the right software!

What is the best car rental planner?

The best car rental planner for your company must be software that will allow you to centralize all your company’s information. Indeed, car rental and fleet management are businesses that require managing tons of data. Is it relevant to install a planner that won’t take into consideration your transactions or your payments and will force you to re-enter everything elsewhere? No, the planner for your rentals must manage everything, from the planning of the activity to the inventory of fixtures or accounting. To do this, there is software available that ensures the optimization of all cycles of the business: myrentcar.


Myrentcar is a SaaS-based car rental planner, this entails that it is accessible online easily from a web browser. Whether you are on a phone or computer, the myrentcar car rental planner allows you to quickly view your current rentals from a planner that communicates with your website. The myrentcar software calendar guarantees that you can create your quotes and rental contracts in a few clicks before sending them instantly to your customers with an electronic signature. In addition to managing your planning, myrentcar is a comprehensive tool that allows you to schedule your alerts, invoice your rentals, manage your purchases and even manage parking tickets. If your fleet grows, these functionalities will quickly become indispensable and myrentcar will be your best ally in the planning and management of your company.


Why is the myrentcar app considered the best car rental planner by many rental companies? Compatible with the rentpad car inventory application to manage your inventory on a tablet or the clickygo car sharing application for self-service rentals, myrentcar has all the features to automate and digitalize your business. A customer rents your car online? The reservation appears instantly on myrentcar’s calendar and your customer receives the contract to validate by email with an electronic signature. When the client picks up and returns the vehicle, myrentcar will allow you to send your inventory of fixtures on departure and return before invoicing your rental, which will be taken into account in your accounting. This is why myrentcar is recommended, it is the only car rental planner that centralizes and optimizes your entire activity.

How can you download a car rental planner?

You want to download a car rental planner but you don’t have the time to set it up and train your teams? Don’t panic, the myrentcar software is directly accessible online and does not need to be downloaded. Once your account is created, a hitech rental software developer will help you set up your information and train you to use myrentcar. This comprehensive assistance is available so that your teams start with all the necessary tools to plan and manage your vehicle rentals on this ERP software. If you too, like France Cars, DLM or Tractafric, wish to manage your car rental planning on myrentcar, we recommend that you install and try this software by contacting the hitech teams.

The myrentcar software car rental planner enables you to manage all your activity