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Top 5 car rental integrations

Top 5 car rental integrations

Top 5 car rental integrations to optimize your company’s fleet management and performance.


The myrentcar car rental software application marketplace integrates and increasing amount of tools. These integrations in the car rental industry aim to unify the IT systems of rental companies and fleet managers in order to centralize information management. Indeed, the common commitment of hitech and its partners is to design integrated solutions to support companies’ growth. To give you an idea of the diversity of integrations available, here are several examples of popular applications ordered by category. So, what are the best car rental integrations?

Car rental website integration

The integration of a car rental website with your management software is an extremely important step in the development of your business. Does natural and paid search marketing on Google generate tons of reservations and boosts your business? It is then essential to opt for a management solution that synchronizes APIs from your various online reservations sources to avoid duplicates.  Myrentcar is a SaaS solution that takes into account all your reservations and your customer interfaces into its schedule as well as on to associated customer files.


Connecting a website to rental management software is an essential integration in the car rental business that improves your customer and user experience. Your customers in long-term rental or with an option to purchase the vehicle will be able; for example, to access information on the vehicle’s maintenance records, their tax or the list of invoices. No more duplicates or overlapping reservations, keep control of your vehicle fleet in a single tool that centralizes all your data. The myrentcar car rental solution also communicates with brokers to take advantage of their visibility while managing your rentals all at the same time.

Car rental accounting integration

From the beginning, hitech has launched all the car rental accounting integrations on myrentcar to allow its users to integrate and export their accounting activity on their management software. The myrentcar online solution connects with all the ERP’s on the market such as Sage, Ciel, EBP, Cegid, Oracle or SAP to avoid duplicate entries of accounts and to respect the standards and applicable laws. Importing and exporting your accounting activity is done in a few clicks. A car rental accounting integration with your car rental management software is essential to manage your car rental activity efficiently.

Car rental payment integration

How do you go about integrating payments into car rental? The myrentcar car rental management software interfaces with Swikly which allows car rental professionals to protect their car fleet with a deposit and payment request. Swikly guarantees a banking transaction that secures a rental or reservation with an online deposit. The payment integration in car rental with Swikly from myrentcar automates deposit management in your management tool and frees you from additional administrative steps.


The integration of deposits in car rental with Swikly on myrentcar protects you in all circumstances against bad checks, repudiations, bank disputes, risks of loss or theft. Swikly works with a credit card imprint that must be entered by your customer on a secure form. This deposit can be secured online for a few hours or for several months and the secured amounts are neither blocked nor cashed. We recommend this integration into the vehicle rental business to protect the financial health of your rental agency and your reservation payments.

Paperless car rental integration

The integration of paperless pratices in car rental allows you to fully digitize your quotes, contracts, invoices, inventory of fixtures and even your tickets! The myrentcar car rental software interfaces with Aris, DataDocs and Ventya to ensure the safe return and legal value of all your digital documents. What’s more? You can directly automate your quotes and invoices shipment with electronic signature from the myrentcar software package! Say goodbye paperwork: the dematerialization of invoicing is an integration in car rental that will accelerate your exchanges and allow you to store, host and secure all your documents in the cloud.

Car rental Telematics integration

The integration of telematics for car rental is an increasingly important issue for fleet managers. Connecting your vehicles’ on-board units to myrentcar’s management software allows you to track the location of your fleet and the status of mileage and fuel. This is an important asset in the development and monitoring of your company! Myrentcar also communicates with the clickygo car-sharing application, which allows you to offer your cars, scooters, trucks and utility vehicles on a self-service basis using telematics.


Hitech will continue to expand its application ecosystem with numerous car rental integrations over the next few years. CRM, online insurance, customer reviews and yield management are also examples of integrations that are ideal for boosting your business. Our team is looking forward to strengthening our partnership with talented developers and other vendors to build solutions that support the growth of car rental companies. To learn more about the applications mentioned or to discover more, visit the Car Rental Integrations Marketplace. To learn more, request a free demo of myrentcar software by filling out the form below.

The myrentcar software centralizes the informations of your car fleet thanks to its many integrations