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I rent cars, what should I do when my car rental doesn’t go as planned?

I rent cars, what should I do when my car rental doesn’t go as planned?

I rent cars, what are my options and what should I do when car rental doesn’t go as planned? Follow this guide!


Some car rental company customers have questionable habits to say the least: damaging the vehicle, writing blank checks or even falsifying identity and driver’s licenses… Whether the problems appear before or after you rent your vehicle, here are some measures you can take when car rental doesn’t go according to plan. Let’s discuss how to protect yourself from problems and disputes by taking the right steps and downloading the right car rental management software.

What should I do when a customer damages a rental car?

Following the return of a damaged vehicle, what should I do when a customer damages a rental car? It is not uncommon that the vehicle is returned in worse condition than when it was rented out following a minor accident your customer may have had. In the case of damage to a rental vehicle, it is important to avoid any disputes by carrying out an inventory of fixtures before the departure and return of your rental. To do so, we recommend you to use the rentpad car inventory application which allows you to check the exterior and interior inventory directly on a tablet with your client.


Used by many rental companies and fleet managers, the rentpad app is the ideal tool to prevent a car rental not going according to plan. How does rentpad work? In a few clicks, report bumps, scratches and other damages and then instantly validate your inventory with your client thanks to the electronic signature. The customer renting the vehicle then receives the inventory of fixtures directly in PDF by email. Keep a record of the condition of your vehicles upon departure and return and invoice any damage accordingly from the myrentcar management software that centralizes your activity.

What to do in case of damage to a rental car?

If a serious accident occurs, what should you do in case of damage to a rental car? The rentpad application guarantees a rigorous follow-up of the state of your vehicles: customer signature, assistance with the re-invoicing of damages, EDM and of course the registration of the claim! Accessible online, your claim is digitized and can then be easily controlled from the rentpad compatible myrentcar software. Thus, in the case of a rental vehicle claim, the analysis of the claim on a management system such as myrentcar enables you to measure the financial impact and anticipate the risks for your company.


The myrentcar management solution guarantees a detailed analysis of your claims and centralizes the risks, insurance prevention, contract negotiation, coverage development, purchase of coverage and settlement of the claim for a rental car. When a claim is made, myrentcar’s car rental management software allows you to track all fleet costs to ensure profitability. Current fleet maintenance, management of various operating costs, management of administrative costs and management of financial costs with myrentcar are all functions that will support you throughout the entire management of your claims if a vehicle rental doesn’t go as planned.

What to do in case of non-payment for a car rental?

If a customer can’t honor his commitment, what should be done in case of non-payment for a car rental? In order to protect car rental companies and fleet managers from all the risks related to a default in payment of a car rental, the myrentcar car rental software communicates with Swikly. What is Swikly? Swikly is an online deposit system that automates your security deposit requests. It is a complete management service that replaces the payment of a deposit by check, wire transfer, cash or pre-authorization with an online deposit request.


Swikly is guaranteed: in case of non-payment of a car rental, you are thus assured to be reimbursed for damages. In addition to saving precious time and costs, myrentcar and Swikly solutions protect you from car rental disputes while dematerializing all your processes in order to offer a rental managed 100% online. Faced with the numerous risks of non-payment, we recommend you to use Swikly to avoid bad checks, non-payments, bank disputes or even the risks of loss or theft if a car rental doesn’t go as planned.

How to deal with a fake driver’s license in car rental?

Faced with identity fraud, how do you manage a fake driver’s license in the car rental business? In order to ensure the identity of the customers and drivers of your rental company and your fleet, it is essential to centralize all your data on a dedicated management application. Developed by hitech, the myrentcar management software stores all the useful information about your cars, customers and drivers. This way, you keep control of how your fleet is used and can see in an instant who is driving your vehicles in order to ban potential malicious drivers and protect yourself from any disputes when your car rental doesn’t go according to plan.


Accessible online by phone or computer, myrentcar ERP is a SaaS mode management solution designed to support car rental companies and fleet managers in all cycles of the business. From the management of your disputes to the planning, accounting and invoicing of your car rentals, myrentcar is a complete tool that adapts to your needs. Many rental companies use this solution to optimize and digitalize their processes. Just like them, in order to save time, automate your management and protect yourself from all risks if a car rental doesn’t go as planned, we highly recommend that you try the myrentcar management software!

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